Best TV Streaming Devices

Technology has made just about every aspect of life easier and more efficient than ever before. One area that this really holds true is media streaming to your television. For year users were forced to connect a computer to an HDMI or other cord to the TV to consume media on their television. [...]

Places To Golf In The Lehigh Valley

The Lehigh Valley is home to some of the best golf courses in the entire state of Pennsylvania! There is no shortage of great places to play a round of golf in the surrounding Lehigh Valley. In fact, some of the local courses are even recognized as some of the best courses in the entire […]

Best Water Parks by Olde Towne

Warm weather is just around the corner (we think??) which means – water park season! Pennsylvania is notorious for having some of the best water parks in the country, a few of which are close to home by Olde Towne! Big, small, indoor, outdoor – PA water parks come in all shapes and sizes, but [...]

Springtime Activities Near Allentown

Spring is upon us! Although it may not feel like it just yet, the warm weather will be here to stay before you know it. That means it is time to get out there and start enjoying some springtime fun. Allentown and the surrounding Lehigh Valley have all kinds of activities for people of all […]

How to Choose What Pillow Is Right for You

If you’re getting the right amount of sleep, you should be spending about a third of your total day–and by extension, a third of your life–in bed. That’s why it’s so important that you’re comfortable when you’re trying to catch your Z’s. While having a good mattress and comfortable sheets is [...]

Assessing Your Smart Home Options

It’s almost impossible to keep track of all the technological innovations happening these days. However, one trend you’ve surely seen lately is the rise of the artificial intelligence assistant. With all the big tech companies, from Apple to Amazon, getting in on the home automation game, these [...]

The History Behind Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day, the holiday of romance, candy, greeting cards, and Cupid. What’s less known, however, is why exactly we celebrate this holiday and how it got its start. Interestingly, while Valentine’s Day has almost always centered around love, the origins of this day are a [...]

New Cars Coming Out in 2017

It’s a new year, which means it’s another year for exciting advancements in automobile technology. While some popular car models will be biding by the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy, there are a few completely new models out there that look to change the industry up completely, [...]

Tips to Avoid Drafts in Your Apartment

Brr! The weather outside is cold enough to endure, so you certainly don’t need to have pesky drafts in your apartment making the air in your home any colder. If you’re worried about feeling a chill in the air this season, it’s best you prepare as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to […]

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