75 Ideas for Date Night Fun

When it’s time for a “date night” with your partner – do you feel like you always do the same things? Probably dinner. Maybe a movie. It can become quite mundane after a while. 

date nightIf you’re looking for some fun ideas for your next date night – take a look at this list. Whether you’re heading out or planning a cozy night at home, you might like some of these ideas.

  1. Prepare a meal together at home, but all of the recipes must be new. 
  2. Buy a new board game and play it.
  3. Go to a baseball game.
  4. Head to your local lake and go fishing.
  5. Pack a picnic and drive someplace new to eat it.
  6. Play a round of miniature golf.
  7. Head to a food truck rally to sample new cuisine.
  8. Go to an amusement park and ride the scariest ride they have.
  9. Visit your local farmers’ market to grab ingredients for a meal.
  10. Take a painting class together.
  11. Go bowling.
  12. Play a game of laser tag.
  13. Check out a local festival.
  14. Go for a walk together.
  15. Grab coffee together at a local coffee shop.
  16. Go to the spa for a couple’s massage.
  17. Recreate your very first date.
  18. Workout together. 
  19. Go to a concert.
  20. Visit a local museum
  21. Take a cooking class together.
  22. Try a new restaurant.
  23. Get ice cream at your favorite place.
  24. Do a difficult puzzle together.
  25. Plan a day at the beach.
  26. Sample craft beer at a local brewery.
  27. Volunteer together at an animal shelter, soup kitchen or retirement home.
  28. Take dancing lessons.
  29. Go kayaking or canoeing.
  30. Play trivia at your local bar.
  31. Attend a wine tasting.
  32. Plan a $20 date. (You can’t spend more than $20 on the entire date.)
  33. Make sushi at home.
  34. Drive go-carts.
  35. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  36. Try horseback riding.
  37. Head to the local carnival to eat funnel cake.
  38. Play pool at a local pub.
  39. Do a brunch date.
  40. Ride your bicycles to someplace new for a beverage.
  41. Go geocaching.
  42. Head out to an open mic or karaoke night.
  43. Play tourist for the day in your own hometown.
  44. Give each other $15 and shop a thrift store for a date night outfit to wear! (You must wear it!)
  45. Do a DIY project together.
  46. Order in and watch the worst movies ever made.
  47. Take a day trip to someplace new.
  48. Go ziplining.
  49. Try a yoga class.
  50. Head to the driving range.
  51. Go to a waterpark.
  52. Check out a local park at night and stargaze.
  53. See a movie. 
  54. Go on a double-date with good friends.
  55. Go to a trampoline park.
  56. Run a 5K together.
  57. Go to a comedy show or watch one on Netflix.
  58. Hire a photographer to take photos of both of you.
  59. Bake some cookies.
  60. Dress up and have drinks at a swanky hotel.
  61. Play a game of “Would you rather…”
  62. Have a scary movie marathon.
  63. Create your own date night ideas list.
  64. Take a virtual tour. (There are lots on the internet!)
  65. Do a “Nailed It” challenge.
  66. Plan your next vacation.
  67. Camp out in the living room.
  68. Create your own wine and cheese tasting at home.
  69. Learn a new card game.
  70. Have a technology-free date.
  71. Watch a foreign film.
  72. Learn a language together.
  73. Have dinner outside.
  74. Make homemade pizza instead of ordering it.
  75. Go play bingo.

It’s time to plan your next date night! If you’re looking to change things up – give one of these ideas a try! With so many choices you’re bound to find something fun to do on this list!

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