Create a Perfect Home Bar

Depending on your entertaining style, there may be different things that you deem as necessities for your home. Perhaps a large dining room table is important to you because you love to host dinner parties for your family and friends. Or, maybe you require all sorts of kitchen gadgets and gizmos because you love to cook for people. Of course, if you like to host the occasional cocktail party, then a great home bar is where it’s at for you.

Creating a home bar may seem like a simple task, but there are some definite things you’ll want to consider and include when you set one up. Here are a few pointers to setting up your home bar that should make things a little easier.

Create a Perfect Home Bar

    • Think About Storage: Before you even begin assembling your home bar, you should think about how you will store everything. Will you store everything in a cupboard? Do you have space for a bar cart? Do you have a sideboard or console table that could be your new bar area? You might even use a bookshelf. Whatever you choose, make sure it will be adequate for all of your liquors, barware, glassware, etc.
    • Choose Your Spirits: Then you need to begin to select your liquors. Always start with buying the liquors that you like, as they will get used most often. It will also allow you to spend some time perfecting cocktails that use your favorite liquors.
      • Then think about other liquors you’d like to have available for guests. Most bartenders recommend:
        • Bourbon
        • Scotch
        • Tequila
        • Gin
        • White Rum
        • Dark Rum
      • You’ll notice that vodka isn’t on this list, as most bartenders think it lacks a distinct flavor. Of course, if you have guests who enjoy vodka, you should definitely add it to your bar.
    • Check Your Glassware: You may have a sufficient amount of glassware to use with your bar. As you start to become more comfortable mixing cocktails, pay attention to the glassware you are using, as certain drinks should be served in specific glasses. You may find you need to pick up a few different styles of glasses.
    • Shop for Mixers: You may not want to keep a large selection of mixers on hand due to space, but before a get-together or party, look to buy:
      • Seltzer
      • Tonic
      • An assortment of juices
      • Sodas
      • Ginger Beer
    • Have Some Basic Bar Tools: You’ll need some basic bar tools if you’re going to become a great bartender. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
      • Peeler
      • Long cocktail spoon
      • Bottle opener
      • Corkscrew
      • Jigger
      • Shaker
      • Cutting board
      • Paring knife
      • Juice squeezer
    • Invest in a Few Good Cocktail Books: When it comes to learning new cocktails that are several excellent books available. Take a look at:

A great home bar will be a source of pride once you have it fully stocked. Take your time as you acquire all the things you need, as it can be pricey to obtain everything. Of course, once your bar is complete – have your friends over and show off your cocktail mastery. You may find that your home is the new hangout place!

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