Mac vs. PC Pros and Cons

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There are a few things that society simply cannot agree on: chocolate or vanilla, skiing or snowboarding, and within the past decade, we’ve added another. It has become one of the eternal debates: Mac or PC. Putting all emotions and preconceived notions aside, let’s take a logical look at the pros and cons to find out which one fits your lifestyle best.


Pros: Apple is known for its streamlined, one-of-a-kind design. It’s not only functional—it’s a thing of beauty. The mavericks at Apple are always one step ahead of the game and are innovatively thinking about how to constantly improve technology to make our lives more functional.

You’ll find that more graphic-oriented people are drawn to this iOS. Macs come with a stunning capability to make graphics, movies, edit music, and more.

The software company made the choice to keep the software within Apple. For that reason, you get a higher quality product that integrates and communicates with other Apple products seamlessly. This is why you don’t see variations of other Mac products. They don’t want the software being cheapened by other industries that aren’t as invested in quality as they are.

Macs are able to run the Office Suite of products to make file sharing easier.

Cons: The price is the obvious first con. The choice to keep the software in-house keeps the price of products higher than its PC counterpart. Even though you know you’re getting something excellent, it does cost a pretty penny to have it.

Macs are not often found in the workplace. The price and software compatibility make businesses shy away from Apple products, and go towards the familiar PCs.

Slightly different interface with a different way of organizing stored material on the computer. If you have been a PC user your whole life, and you want to switch over to an Apple, you will find that certain tools and functions aren’t where you’d expect them. Don’t worry—all of the capabilities are still there, you might need to play around with it a little more to get familiar with the new interface.


Pros: PC’s are everywhere. From businesses and POS systems, to government software and personal computers, PC’s have a strong hold on the market. Early on, Microsoft chose to sell its software to other businesses introducing more market share options. This is why there are a variety of PC computers such as Dell, HP, and IBM. All of these new options help keep costs low as the different companies compete with each other.

You’ll find IT professionals, hospitals, schools, banks, and business owners using PC’s. This iOS is known to be a practical solution, whereas Apple strives to be a beautiful tool.

Cons: The software is more open which makes it more prone to virus attacks from hackers.

Aesthetically, it’s not as stunning as the Apple computers. Microsoft has been typically slower to be innovative. In the recent years, they have been trying to step it up with the tablet and laptop capabilities. When they are innovative, it usually has some bugs to work out.

Both are excellent options and will get the job done. It mainly depends on your comfort level with the different operating systems and style. If you think you’re a PC user for life, then make sure by test-driving an Apple. Go to a Best Buy and try all of your different options out before settling on one. You might be surprised at what you find!


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