Furniture Shopping On a Budget

When it comes to buying big-ticket items for your home, you’re always looking for good deals. After all, you want to keep your purchases within your budget, yet still get the best quality that fits your personal style. One of those big-ticket items that people spend their money on is furniture. [...]

Tips and Tricks to Organize Any Closet

When you look at your closet, what do you see? Is it a stressful nightmare that haunts you? Sometimes a task can seem too overwhelming to start. Look at the project in pieces rather than the entire job. Begin small, and add to your organization over time if it’s a daunting task for you. Take [...]

Fun Staycation Ideas

Sometimes you just don’t have the time, energy or money to plan a big extravagant vacation, yet, you still need some rest, relaxation and fun. That’s when it’s time to plan a staycation – a vacation where you get to sleep in your own bed, but you plan fun activities in your area. If [...]

How to Effectively Use Business Cards

Have you ever looked a business card, and wondered why they’re still around? It seems outdated in today’s digital world. While most business transactions today have shifted online, there is still a viable reason to have business cards on hand. First and foremost, it’s still something that makes [...]

Lehigh Valley Coffee Shops

An unknown person said, “Humanity runs on coffee.” And, there are days that seems to be very true. Americans are now drinking more coffee than ever. In fact, 64% of Americans drink coffee every day. There is no shortage of coffee shops here in the Lehigh Valley. Of course, you may have your [...]

7 Old Traditions That We Need To Bring Back

As a society, we’ve lost touch with small, yet important expressions of respect for one another. We need to break out of the mindset of “me,” and return to thinking of others before ourselves. You’ll find that once you do, your needs will be met. Here are seven old traditions we’ve lost as a [...]

7 Plants Ideal for Apartment Living

If you are looking to add a little “something” to your apartment decor there are lots of directions you could go in. Furniture and art may first come to mind, but maybe you should be thinking about going green. No, not a new green carpet, but by adding some plants to your living space! Here [...]

Detoxing: The Do’s and Don’ts

The latest craze in dieting is the detox. There are several ways that you can achieve the detox cleanse. There are healthy ways to go about it, and unhealthy ways. Don’t take the shortcuts, and treat your body well for the most effective results. DO Think of it as pushing the reset button: [...]

5 Crock Pot Tips and Tricks to Use This Winter

The Crock Pot or the slow cooker is your best friend in the kitchen. It’s perfect for busy families who want a delicious home-cooked meal without all of the effort. There are some common mistakes that chefs make all the time. Up your slow cooker game by using these 5 tips and tricks! Preheat [...]

Best Home Remedies for the Cold/Flu

The worst is when you catch that winter cold or flu. It knocks you on your back, and takes everything out of you. The colder months make illnesses more likely because the cooler temperatures drop our immune system. We also spend more time indoors with other germ-carrying humans, making [...]

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