Create a Perfect Home Bar

Depending on your entertaining style, there may be different things that you deem as necessities for your home. Perhaps a large dining room table is important to you because you love to host dinner parties for your family and friends. Or, maybe you require all sorts of kitchen gadgets and [...]

How to Get Your Kids Back in the School Routine

While there is still plenty of summertime left, you may already be thinking of back to school. There are school supplies to buy. New clothes may be needed. And backpacks to get ready for the first day.  Of course, if your regular school routine with your children went out the window this [...]

True Crime Podcasts for Your Commute

What do you listen to when you’re driving in the car or taking a walk? Do you listen to podcasts? Currently, there are over 700,000 different podcasts available to listen to, and over 500,000 of these podcasts are currently active – meaning there are lots of new episodes being uploaded [...]

75 Ideas for Date Night Fun

When it’s time for a “date night” with your partner – do you feel like you always do the same things? Probably dinner. Maybe a movie. It can become quite mundane after a while.  If you’re looking for some fun ideas for your next date night – take a look at this list. Whether you’re [...]

Summer Jobs for Teens

When summer rolls around you may have teenagers who are looking to make some money. Yet, they may not be old enough to find work in a shop or restaurant – so what are they to do? If your teen is looking for some ideas to earn some money this summer – share these ideas […]

Tips for Planning a 4th of July BBQ

What comes to mind when you think about the 4th of July? Fireworks? Parades? Red, white, and blue? All of these things probably pop into your thoughts when this holiday rolls around each year, but for many people, the 4th of July is the ultimate day to have a barbecue.  This year if you’re [...]

Graduation Gifts They’ll Love

Graduation season is here. That means kids are leaving high school and going off to college. College kids are looking for jobs and finding their own places. And, of course, there are parties to celebrate these milestones. If you’re heading to a graduation party this year, you’ll probably need [...]

Get Started Container Gardening

“A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.” –  Liberty Hyde Bailey If you’ve always wanted to do some gardening but thought you couldn’t because you live [...]

Furniture Shopping On a Budget

When it comes to buying big-ticket items for your home, you’re always looking for good deals. After all, you want to keep your purchases within your budget, yet still get the best quality that fits your personal style. One of those big-ticket items that people spend their money on is furniture. [...]

Tips and Tricks to Organize Any Closet

When you look at your closet, what do you see? Is it a stressful nightmare that haunts you? Sometimes a task can seem too overwhelming to start. Look at the project in pieces rather than the entire job. Begin small, and add to your organization over time if it’s a daunting task for you. Take [...]

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