11 Ways to Embrace the Essence of Childhood

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Have you watched a child stare at an active ant hive? They’re fascinated by the thousands of moving parts. Have you seen a child help another off the ground?

Has a child asked you for help, and you’ve gladly given it?

Have you thought, “I wish I could be a kid again?

Here are a few suggestions on how to embrace the essence of childhood. 

  1. Be in Awe: Our world is full of an endless amount of “wow” moments, from the intricacies of an ant hive to the size of the Great Wall of China. Take time to slow down and be amazed.
  2. Try New Things: Have you wanted to learn how to belly dance? Or eat deep-fried celery? Or paraglide? It’s not always easy trying something new, but you might find your new favorite hobby. Or food.
  3. I Wonder What Would Happen If…:
    • I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. ~ Albert Einstein
    • Ideas come from curiosity. ~ Walt Disney
    • A good English teacher will tell you; the best sentences answer what, when, where, why, who, and how. Live your life finding the answers to these questions. Especially the ‘Why?’  Be curious – about everything.
  4. Laugh and Laugh Some More: Kids really know how to have a good laugh, which is probably why they’re so happy. Here are some ideas to help tickle your funny bone:
    • Get a 365 Days of Jokes calendar
    • Listen to humor podcasts
    • Watch a comedy
    • Watch this baby laugh hysterically
  5. Be Happy for No Reason: Have you ever had this conversation? 
    • “Why are you so happy?” you asked a smiling child.     
    • “No reason,” he said, “I just am.”
    • “How do I do that?” you think. This life hack might help answer that question.
  6. Smiling Is My Favorite: What do you love to do? Make a list of your favorite things. And do them as much as you can. It will definitely bring a smile to your face!
  7. Take Advantage of Each Moment: Kids are so good at living in the present. They can become so engrossed in an activity that they’re unaware of anything else. Whether it’s a conversation, playing with a friend, building a model airplane, kids can live in the moment. Does, “Just one more minute,” and “Hold on a second,” sound familiar? Find things that make you want to slow down and enjoy it…for just one more minute.
  8. It’s All About the Little Things: Did you get to use your favorite coffee mug this morning? Did someone leave a sticky note with a smiley face on your desk? Did you remember to grab your lunch before you left for work? A happy life is about enjoying the little things.
  9. Ask for Help: Do you ever find yourself stuck at an impasse and not sure how to get around it? Do you not want to bother someone by asking for help? Do you hate admitting you’re unable to do something?
    • Children have figured out the benefits of asking for help. Even if they can’t express it in words, they know that asking for help will:
    • Save time
    • Cause less frustration
    • Teach them something new
    • Solve a problem
  10. Think Outside the Box: Do you know how to make a pie? You should. You learned how when you were a kid. Take some dirt and add water – Voila – mud pie! But what if you want sprinkles? What do you use? Sand? Pine needles? Pebbles? Ants? Use your imagination.
  11. Have Fun: Yes! Children are always having fun! You should have as much fun as you can, too!

As much fun as adulting can be, every now and again, take a page out of childhood and be a kid again. You could find yourself leading a much happier life.

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