8 Baby Shower Ideas 2018

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Soon after wedding season comes baby season! No matter what time of year it is, any of these party ideas are sure to impress the future Mom and give her precious memories to cherish forever. It’s all about thinking about who she is and what she wants for her child. Give her a special day to celebrate the new addition to the family.

  1. 8-baby-shower-ideas-2018Cotton Candy Prediction Game: These days, gender reveal parties have become just as big as the baby shower. In some cases, they’re combined so that the guys get to be a part of the party too. Bring a sweet touch to your gender reveal by seeing what your guests think the baby will be by selecting their cotton candy flavor.
  2. Mom-osa Party: Mimosas will never go out of style. Have a brunch “Mom-osa” party to include the mom-to-be with mocktails. If Mom is ok with it, you can also serve real mimosas as long as you differentiate the alcoholic ones from the mocktails. Sparkling white grape juice and orange juice is a bubbly way to celebrate this new little life. Everything is fancier with bubbles.
  3. Llama Mama Theme: Llamas are everywhere this year, and we are ok with it. Have a punny Llama Mama theme with this loveable animal as the inspiration. Keep the puns going with the rest of the decor. Your mama-to-be will love wandering around the room finding all of the funny meanings behind the decorations.
  4. Monochrome Theme: So many baby showers use pastels and bright punchy colors. Switch it up by going monochromatic. A classic blackand white theme will look extra chic and stylish. Add in touches of gold or silver and you have an elegant party on your hands.
  5. Desert Desserts: It’s no secret that succulents have taken over. If the mom-to-be loves these simple plants, then keep everything desert themed. Serve succulent shaped desserts and hand out mini cacti as party favors.
  6. Mountain Adventure Theme: Woodland creatures had their moment last year, and now we are moving on to the hiking adventurer. Odds are that your mom-to-be loves the outdoors and camping. Create a little mountain landscape with tiny pine trees and little baby hiking boots. Share their love of the outdoors with their new little one waiting to happen.
  7. Dinosaur Theme: Whether it be Barney or Jurassic Park, dinosaurs will never go out of style. Find fun dino toys and decorate with scales and tropical plants. You can have a table for “carnivores,” “omnivores,” and “herbivores.”
  8. Lumberjack Theme: As we saw last fall, plaid and flannel are back in a big way. It’s rustic and cozy all at the same time. It brings back memories of simple pleasures, strength, and warmth. Have a naked cake with a maple syrup and bacon frosting to keep with the rustic theme.

Talk with your future Mom to make sure she has a voice in the process, unless she says that she’s ok with a surprise. Let everyone know where she’s registered, and plan a few party games to keep things light and moving. The most important part is being surrounded in support by all of those that love her and the new little one.

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