Accessories for Your Patio or Balcony

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What do you love about the warmer weather? Do you like to go for bike rides? Spend time hiking? Or do you prefer to hang out on your patio or balcony and just relax?

If hanging out on your balcony or patio is your thing, you’ve probably got some chairs and a table or a small loveseat, but have you added any accessories to really pull the space together?

With just a few simple additions, you can create a patio or balcony where you will truly want to spend some time – and here are a few suggestions if you’re looking to complete this space.

  • Large Decorative Solar Lantern: Adding some light to your patio or balcony can make a big difference – and can allow you to enjoy it even later into the evening. This solar lantern is a pretty teal blue – which means it looks fantastic during the day – and at night, it projects a unique pattern. 
  • Solar Patio String Lights: These string lights have an industrial look to them – so if that’s your style – give them a try. They’re also solar, and they’ll provide plenty of light as the strand is 49 feet long – so you could double-up if needed.
  • Dundee Citronella Candle: Nobody likes mosquitos! Nobody! But if you want to keep them away with something that’s both stylish and functional, check out this Dundee Citronella Candle. It’s five inches in diameter and six inches tall and sits on a small wooden stand – giving it the look of a small planter.
  • Citronella Blue Hydrangea Dough Bowl Candle: Here’s another citronella candle that has some style! The candle has been poured into a handcrafted dough bowl and gives off the scent of blue hydrangeas. Plus, it has three wicks to help it burn evenly.
  • Southern Nights Recycled Wine Bottle Wind Chime: If you love a little background noise while you’re enjoying the outdoors, then how about adding a wind chime? This one on Etsy is made from recycled wine bottles and is a mix of beautiful colors.
  • Bohemian Glass Bead Wind Chime: Are you a fan of boho decor? Love the look of intricate mandalas? Then this wind chime is for you! This wind chime comes in several different colors, and the glass beads reflect the light perfectly. It will be a great addition to your balcony.
  • Balcony Bar/Table/Planter/Shelf: This balcony bar or shelf is a great way to create some space as it attaches to your balcony railing. It’s great for drinks or plants – or anything that needs a level space for display.
  • Barkley Geometric Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug: A rug can make a space seem more put together and really act as a great design element. This one from Barkley has a fantastic geometric pattern and comes in several sizes depending on your needs. (And if this isn’t exactly your style, Wayfair has lots of other choices.)
  • Solid Outdoor Throw Pillow: Throw pillows are another great way to bring a space together. These from World Market come in four different colors and are at an excellent price point.
  • Calumet Outdoor Pillows: Looking for some boho outdoor pillows for your balcony? Then take a look at these! So many cute designs to choose from.
  • Lulu Planter: This Lulu Planter has a great geometric pattern in black and white – which means it can work with various colors. 
  • Natural Rattan Floor Planter: If you want a more natural look for your planter, these rattan ones might be the answer. They come in two different sizes for your balcony.

Accessories are a great way to make your balcony or patio feel like a true extension of your home. Consider adding some of these to your balcony to create a space you love. 

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