Best Museums in the Lehigh Valley Area

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The Lehigh Valley area is rich with education and the arts in its museums. These are fantastic resources to explore to learn about everything from factory life to ancient arts and everything in between. The museums are a great place for kids to go discover for themselves the world that they live in. Some museums are unique to Allentown and Bethlehem, and others bring in artifacts and history from all over the world.

  1. Steel Stacks: This is the old blast center of the Bethlehem Steel Plant, which has now been converted into a 10 acre campus devoted to the arts. The building still feels like an industrial plant with exposed beams and big expanses of space. The art center is dedicated to sharing culture, visual arts, music, education, and family and community events. This is more than just a museum; it’s also a venue for events. There are concerts, parties, and festivals held on these grounds. Always be looking to see what’s upcoming on their calendar to join in on the fun.
  2. America On Wheels: The modern day car has gone through a massive transformation over 100 years. Look back through time to see what automobiles used to look like and do compared to what we know now. You can see some of the earliest inventions and other antique cars that are in perfect condition. They have a rotating series of new vehicles on display every few months. Make sure to see what’s new!
  3. Allentown Art Museum: If you want to get a feel for the real Allentown, then go to the local art museum. It houses several permanent pieces from local artists through the decades. It shows a clear snapshot in time what was happening in the town and what was culturally important at the time. They also have new shows every few weeks displaying works from all over the globe. Currently, you can see ancient hindu sculptures, and prints from Japan. It reaches far beyond the borders of PA.
  4. Da Vinci Science Center: Let your kids run around and discover science with application. There are tons of games and simulations that let kids discover how science impacts their lives every day. The displays are interactive so that kids learn while playing. Currently there is a larger than life brain exhibit, where kids walk through areas of the brain and body to learn about what their organs do. Check out their camp programs and their specialty workshops. It’ll get any kid excited about science!
  5. Liberty Bell Museum: This museum transports you back in time to the colonial period. It’s great for kids and educational adventures. You’ll learn about American history, see where the Liberty Bell was stored, and learn why it was so important to the young nation. There’s also a life-size replica of the Liberty Bell that you can ring!
  6. National Museum of Industrial History: The Industrial Revolution sparked a major economic boom for America. The steel industry, automobiles, and others were a major part of our thriving country in the 1800s. There have been numerous advancements made during the past century. Take a look back through time to see what the original factory workers had to do, and what equipment they worked with to manufacture products. It’s fascinating to see how science and safety has vastly improved over the years.

Take a weekend trip to see each of these museums to learn something new. It’s much more interesting than sitting around watching TV. It’ll get the kids up and moving, while they are engaged in learning about whatever interests them. You never know what you might learn in these Lehigh Valley museums!

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