Celebrity Tattoos and What They Mean

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It’s all about the ink. Hollywood and music artists turn to tattoos to outwardly express big moments in their life. Whether it is a boyfriend, a breakup, or kids, VIP’s love turning these moments into a piece of art that is a part of them.

Miley Cyrus: On her the inside of her left arm, the pop music star has a new tattoo of a green outline of a sunflower sprouting from the letter V, representing “Vegan for Life”. She also has the face of her dog, and the quote “with a little help from my friends” on her torso under her arm to remember her dog Floyd who passed away this year.

Justin Bieber: The Biebs loves getting tatted up. He has added, “Better At 70” on his left thigh right above the knee. He says he feels as if he’s wasted some time and wants to continue to work to be a better version of himself everyday.

Halsey: On her right arm, she has an upside down horseshoe, which is a symbol for bad luck. She explains that she doesn’t believe in luck. She has worked hard to be where she’s at and that luck has nothing to do with it.

Carey Mulligan: Carey has a small outline of a seagull on her right wrist. It’s a reminder of the character, Nina, she played in the stage performance of The Seagull. She felt a deep connection to the role and the sense of clarity that comes through great struggle.

Kelly Osborne: She has the word “Solidarity” tattooed in typewriter font to show her support of the LBGT community. You wouldn’t be able to see this one unless she has her head buzzed on the side. It’s on her scalp right above her ear.

Selena Gomez: Recently, we’ve seen Selena speak out for women and feminism. To love others, you first have to love yourself. It would makes sense that she’s now got, “Love Yourself First” in Arabic underneath her right shoulder blade.

Emma Stone: After her mother became cancer-free, she wanted something to pay tribute to their favorite song, “Blackbird” by the Beatles. She wrote Paul McCartney and he wrote back with a drawing of the 2 birds feet, which he also signed. She got the 2 bird feet, designed by Paul, tattooed on her wrist.

Beyonce: Beyonce recently posted a picture of just her hand with 3 small vertical black dots on her left hand ring finger below the knuckle. We can only assume that this is for her 3 children, Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir Carter.

Demi Lovato: This pop singer has a lion’s face tattooed on her left hand by the artist Bang Bang. She says that, “Sometimes the canvas makes the art.”

Prince Jackson: Prince is the oldest son of the late Michael Jackson. He paid tribute to his father with a huge tattoo of Michael in his signature pose with two outstretched wings behind him.

Angelina Jolie: It’s no secret that Angelina loves her ink, but she recently got 3 large tattoos across her back. They are each Buddhist blessings written in Khmer, the language of Cambodia. She got it to ward off bad luck from her and her adopted Cambodian son. It translates to, “May your enemies run far away from you.”

David Beckham: The soccer star has “Buster” on the right side of his neck. It is for his son Brooklyn, who he has called Buster from the day he was born. He also has another for his daughter, Harper Seven. He has “Pretty Lady” with “Harper” written beneath it just below his collarbone.

If you’re looking to stay relevant with today’s tattoo trends, then tiny tattoos are what you need to look for. Small dots, or little outlines in discreet places are where the tattoos are all headed. Of course, we will always love the big pieces, but you can say just as much by going tiny.

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