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Who doesn’t love a homemade cookie? There are so many different flavors and variations out there that you could probably make a new cookie every day for the rest of your life and never repeat a recipe! (And you’d probably have some very happy friends and family if you did this due to the cookie overflow!)

Of course, when it comes to cookies, it’s good to have a mix of classic recipes and some new ones, too! Here are a whole bunch of cookie recipes to get you inspired – and maybe into the kitchen to make a batch!

  • The Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie by Alton Brown: You probably know Alton Brown from his many years on the Food Network. He’s known for taking a recipe and figuring out how to make it the best-tasting thing ever – and he’s mastered the chocolate chip cookie with this recipe. This recipe uses bread flour – which gives it the perfect balance of crispiness and chewiness. And while Alton suggests using semisweet chocolate chips, if you prefer milk chocolate chips or a combination of the two – go for it!
  • Monster Cookies: Do you love cookies that have all sorts of stuff in them? Like chocolate chips, M&Ms, peanut butter, and oats? Then Monster Cookies are going to be your go-to! And their texture makes them ideal for enjoying with a glass of milk!
  • Fudgy Chocolate-Walnut Cookies: How about a cookie that doesn’t contain flour? Yes, it does exist! And the Fudgy Chocolate-Walnut Cookie is one such recipe! It’s packed with chocolate and walnuts – giving you the flavor of your favorite brownie! And if you don’t like walnuts – consider subbing in pecans or almonds.
  • 4-Ingredient Pecan Sandies: Want a cookie that pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea? This is it! And it only has four ingredients – butter, brown sugar, pecans, and flour. They’re super easy to make, and you can bake a few cookies at a time to enjoy with your favorite beverage whenever you want.
  • Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies: Yes, these cookies definitely have a lot of butter – and that makes them super rich with just the right amount of crispness. And the raspberry jam is so yummy! (If raspberry is not your “jam” – then pick another! Orange marmalade or strawberry could work, too!)
  • Classic Biscotti Recipe – 4 Ways: Biscotti is Italian for twice-baked, and that’s precisely what you do with these cookies! And that’s what makes them extra delicious! They are extra crunchy, and this recipe provides you with four different variations of this cookie. You can make classic biscotti, almond biscotti, cranberry-orange biscotti, or chocolate biscotti. Which do you want to try?
  • Chewy Sugar Cookies: You may think of sugar cookies as the quintessential Christmas cookie, but why should they only get some attention during the month of December? They’re good all year round! This recipe has all of the typical sugar cookie ingredients – and you’ll love that little bit of chewiness! Plus, you don’t have to refrigerate this recipe – unlike most sugar cookie recipes.
  • Perfect Coconut Macaroons: Not everyone is a coconut lover, but if you are, you probably love coconut macaroons. (Not macarons – those are a different cookie!) Coconut macaroons have only five ingredients (plus a couple of optional ones) and can be ready in under one hour. 
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies don’t often get the credit they deserve! But when you have a great recipe – they can be seriously delicious! This recipe has both raisins and chocolate chips – which might be why it has a five-star rating – but they are definitely tasty – and who can argue with that?

Who’s ready to do some baking? With all of these delicious recipes, you can be enjoying a batch – or two – of cookies in no time at all! Which recipe are you looking forward to trying first?

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