Furniture Shopping Tips and Tricks

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You have a beautiful place to live. Now, all you need to do is fill it with beautiful, yet functional pieces of furniture for everyday use! You don’t need to shell out mounds of cash to have a well-furnished apartment. Research and prepare before you buy so you can be guaranteed a good deal and a satisfying result.

What To Look For:furniture-shopping-tips-and-tricks

  1. Wood Furniture: there are several different types of wood furnitures. There is solid wood (most expensive), veneer (moderately priced), and particle board furniture (least expensive). The solid wood is going to hold up for many years, but it’ll also be very heavy, and susceptible to dings, scratches, and water rings. Particle board furniture is made from a composite of leftover wood pieces (think IKEA furniture). If you are going for looks and cost efficiency, then the veneer wood furniture is the way to go. Another thing to keep your eye out for is how the piece of furniture is put together. If you can see nails and glue, then it won’t be as sturdy as a piece that is made by joining. A well made piece of furniture will be cut to fit together perfectly and joined with discreet nails and glue. If you can see those adhesives, then you can be guaranteed that the piece won’t last very long. There’s nothing wrong with that, but know what to expect out of your furniture.
  2. Fabrics: Think about your lifestyle, and the things that you ask of your furniture daily. Do you live alone? Or do you have kids or a pet? Elegant fabrics like suede won’t hold up well to some serious usage. Kids and pets can be tough on fabric furniture, so it’s usually best to stick with something that is darker and is stain resistant. You’ll want to find something that is comfortable, stylish, but will still look great years down the road. Odds are, something will get spilt on it, and you’ll need to use a fabric cleaner at some point. Choose a fabric that will look like new after a good scrub.
  3. Electronics: Usually you want to purchase these firsthand, or barely used from a reliable source. You can find good deals on great brands in stores like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, and other wholesale stores. You want to find electronics that are under two years of age, and have a decent output depending on what you’ll be using it for. HD may look nice, but it’s not necessary to have. If money is the issue, then go with a standard TV which will bring you the same shows as an HD set.

If you are buying secondhand, make sure to look underneath the piece of furniture. Examine the legs and pull on the knobs. If anything is wiggly, or unstable, request that it be fixed or forgo spending the money on it. Keep any extra pieces and parts that the furniture comes with incase something needs to be repaired down the road. Saving screws and allen wrenches can prolong the life of your furniture by keeping everything in good working order.

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