Golf Destinations in Pennsylvania

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Grab your clubs and get ready to tee off if you are heading to Pennsylvania for vacation. The State Of Independence offers tons of historic courses that are available for both private and public play.

Oakmont Country Club

It’s hard to argue that there is any course in Pennsylvania more well known that Oakmont Country Club. Aside from Augusta, the Oakmont Country Club has been home to the most PGA Championships in the United States.

What we really love about this course is just how well the accommodations are maintained. When on vacation, you deserve to be treated in the best way possible. When you visit Oakmont Country Club, you’ll be treated with best in class service at top rated accommodations.

The only downside to Oakmont is that it’s a private country club that, as mentioned, hosts a variety of different golfing events. Therefore, you’ll want to plan far in advance if you plan on hitting the links at this course during your time in Pennsylvania.

GolfingHuntingdon Valley Country Club

Looking for a world class experience? If so, then plan your golf vacation at Huntingdon Valley Country Club. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this course was built in 1927. It still proves to be incredibly challenging, nearly 100 years later.

This course also offers 27 holes, which makes it easier to find a tee time during your vacation. The Huntingdon Valley Country Club has also been ranked as one of the most beautiful courses to live on in Pennsylvania. So while you may come for a round of golf, you may end up finding the perfect place to call home after you retire.

Merion Golf Club

Founded in 1896, Merion Golf Club offers one of the richest sporting histories in all of the country. What was created as a cricket course, Merion Golf Club has transitioned into one of the top ranked courses in the state. Their club house also offers a pro shop that has a ton of great. If you didn’t want to bring your clubs on the plane, then don’t worry; Merion Golf Club has all you need to get right out on the course and start playing.

Fox Chapel Golf Club

Buried deep in the Pittsburgh suburb of Fox Chapel, this golf course is a hidden gem in the state. Fox Chapel Golf Club rarely gets recognized for its celebrated design, and yet it’s often praised by many who play its challenging 19-hole course. Be weary of holes 9-12, which are often talked about in the clubhouse as the toughest for the day. But if you can manage your way through, then you’ll find yourself really enjoying the intricate designs that went into mind when creating this course.

The state of Pennsylvania offers plenty of tourists attractions that make for a wonderful option to consider for your next vacation. But if you are looking to get away and hit a round of golf, then you’ll be especially pleased if you select one of the courses listed here.

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