Halloween: Not Just for Kids! How to Throw a Great Halloween Party

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Halloween might be popular among children, but we all know that it’s a day that people of all ages can celebrate. In fact, unlike many other holidays, Halloween is a great reason to get everyone together for no excuse other than to have fun… and dress up in crazy costumes. However, hosting a Halloween party isn’t as easy as telling your friends to just show up to your home in costume. Before October 31 hits, make sure you’ve made the following preparations.

Get Decorative

Everyone knows that on Halloween, you don’t just dress yourself up – you also dress up your home! Along with the other end-of-year holidays, Halloween is a good opportunity to let your inner interior designer go wild. While you could take a trip to the supermarket and spend a pretty penny on pre-made decorations, where’s the fun in that? You could go simple with paper cut-outs of pumpkins and candy corn, but your guests will be all the more impressed with actual jack-o’-lanterns and maybe even a scarecrow. In fact, making decorations could be part of the party fun!

Adult HalloweenHave Games Ready to Go

Yes, a party can simply consist of friends hanging around, eating, drinking, and having conversation. But, this is Halloween we’re talking about, and it’s an opportunity to have a great party that has a much more going for it. Naturally, the activities you plan for your Halloween party will depend greatly on the guests you invite. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad idea to have a few games hidden up your sleeve. You’d be surprised at how well “children’s games” like bobbing for apples and mummy wrap hold up when you’re an adult (and perhaps after you’ve had a drink or two).

Host a Costume Contest

Dressing up is one of the best aspects of Halloween, especially as you get older. The day is a chance not only to express yourself, but also to show off your cleverness, creativity, and costume-making skills. So, why not hold a costume contest to celebrate those great traits among all your friends? For best results, offer prizes for best overall costume and other categories like funniest costume and best pun. Remember to let your guest list know about the contest in advance so they can prepare!

Host a Spooky Film Marathon

Not all Halloween parties need to be wild and crazy. If you and your group are looking to celebrate a more low-key, little-effort Halloween, consider observing the holiday with a movie marathon. There are so many horror films that you won’t have a problem finding something to watch, though you might have trouble deciding on one. If you and your guests are interested in getting your spooks from the screen, hold a poll ahead of time to determine the two or three (or more) movies you’ll screen for them.

In the end, your friends aren’t likely to care too much about the amount of effort you put into planning your Halloween party, but they’ll definitely take notice if you’ve gotten the ambience and activities just right. Don’t forget, also, to have some snacks ready for your guests – they’ll be sure to appreciate the tricks and the treats you’ve prepared for them.

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