How to Create a Fabulous Guest Room

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Do you have a child who went off to college? Or maybe just a room that’s become a catch-all for clutter? Then why not turn this room into a guest bedroom?

A guest bedroom is more than just a place for your visitors to sleep; it’s also an opportunity for you to make your guests feel like they’re at home. Not sure where to get started? Here are some of the basics you should consider.

  • The Bed: If you are going to have guests stay the night, then you’re going to need a place for them to sleep. While some people may choose to just put an air mattress on the floor or make up the couch when their friends come to stay, that’s not exactly ideal if they’ll be staying with you long term. A guest bedroom should contain at least one bed – a bed that can sleep two people or a couple of tin beds is ideal. 
  • Storage Space: Guest bedrooms need storage space! If your guests have their own suitcase and belongings, then they’ll need a place to put those things away when they’re not using them – so that you don’t end up with clothes littering the floor or spilling out of bags all over the guest room (or your home). 
    • To make this easy on everyone, look for a couple of nightstands and a dresser as these typically have enough space for items like cell phones, wallets, and makeup kits if necessary. 
    • Also, think about leaving enough space in the closet for guests to hang up items and put their suitcases away while not in use. Leave a few empty hangers, too!
    • And, if you don’t have room for a dresser, think about getting a hotel-style luggage rack or two for guests. This will allow them to access their clothes and things without having to place their luggage on the floor. (And the luggage racks can be stored away when not in use.)
  • Comfort Items: Adding some comfort items to your guest room can go a long way to making your guests feel welcomed. 
    • Think about your bedding, pillows, and sheets first. Your guests will love comfortable bedding when they try to get a good night’s rest. Additionally, you will want to put out towels and toiletries. (Toiletries are a nice touch in case they forgot anything at home.) Finally, a clock, a couple of bottles of water, a few magazines or books, and a couple of charging cords are great additions. 
  • Personal Touches: One of the best things about adding a guest bedroom to your home is that it’s an opportunity for you to make your guests feel like they’re at home! Adding personal touches such as pictures or framed memories from their visit will help them stay connected with their experience even after they’ve returned home. Sometimes people bring gifts when visiting and if so, this can be another great place to put these presents so this is a great place to display them so guests can see them when they come again. 

When creating a guest room, it does not have to cost you loads and loads of money. Check your local thrift shops for furniture (or buy inexpensive new furniture – since your guest room won’t be used every day). Thrifting is also great for finding new decor.

A great guest room will make your visitors feel welcomed and at home – along with providing them with comfort and a good night’s sleep. Get started creating your fabulous guest room today!

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