Keep Your Summer Body Through The Winter

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One of the most challenging parts of winter is keeping your body in shape. Not only are there plenty of holidays that come with too many tasty treats to turn down, but who really cares about their six-pack when the beach isn’t open for another six months?

Even though summer may seem far away, it’s important that you don’t go off the deep end with your body. After all, you have better things to plan for as New Year’s resolutions other than watching calories. Here are some tips for keeping your summer body through the winter, without missing out on all of the great festivities.

Keep Working Out

The weather is getting colder, which means you’re going to have to dig deep to get motivated to work out. You’re not the only one who doesn’t want to wake up at 5am to get in a workout session, but the question becomes whether or not you’ll be one of the few that are willing to tough it out. If you want to keep your summer body through the winter, then you‘ll need to keep up the workouts.

Summer-BodyWatch What You Eat

Winter is full of cheat days. Whether it’s rummaging through the kids Halloween bag or grabbing a pumpkin latte on the way to work each day, you’ll need to find restraint if you don’t want to pack on the pounds. The season is full of tasty treats that are sure to make you hungry and that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them altogether. Instead, be considerate of your diet and eat healthily as often as possible. This will not only help you keep the pounds off, but also stay in better health as well.

Wear Tighter Clothing

Winter is perfect for your favorite scarf or that pair of extra baggie sweats you love. But when you start wearing oversized, and extra-stretchy, clothing, you won’t realize if your body is starting to drastically change. To help avoid this from happening, wear tighter clothing this winter and fall. Not only is slender fashion “in,” but it’ll also help you stay true to your body shape.

Plan A Winter Vacation

You’ve been working hard all winter and now you deserve a vacation. Not only is a winter vacation a great chance to get away from the stress of life, but it’ll also help you keep a goal in mind. Set your objective on having your ideal body for that vacation and it’ll help you to become more considerate of how you treat your body this winter.

Combine Your Goals With Others

Your friends and family will be having the same struggles you are this winter. Setting goals and working together is a great way to keep your summer body. Not only will your friends hold you accountable, but they’ll also push you to be the best you can.

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you should let your body go entirely. While there are plenty of chances for you to enjoy pumpkin, maple, apple cider, and whatever other treats you may like, keep your summer body through the winter with these considerations.

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