What You Need to Know About the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show

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As much as you may enjoy a white winter wonderland, there’s one thing the season is direly missing: flowers. While we still have to wait a few weeks for spring to truly arrive, you can get a very welcome preview at the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show, which runs until Sunday, March 19 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. If you decide to go, here’s what you need to know.

Lots and Lots of Flowers

The Philadelphia Flower Show is billed as the “oldest and largest indoor flower show,” so you just know that there are going to be a whole lot of flowers on show. With more than 10 acres to fill, it might be impossible to estimate how many flowers in total there will be. Let’s just say that it will be a lot, perhaps more than you’ve ever seen. The entrance alone, which consists of a footbridge that attendees pass under to attend the exhibition, will feature more than 6,000 flowers itself!

The Theme is “Holland”

Each year, the Philadelphia Flower Show takes on a theme that informs the decor. In 2016, the show celebrated the centennial anniversary of the National Parks Service, and in 2015, it was all about the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. This year’s theme is “Holland.” What better way to ring in spring with a reference to the European country that brings to mind tulips and windmills?

If You Like It, Buy It

It’s not all about looks at the Philadelphia Flower Show. The event also serves as a place for vendors to sell their own horticultural goods. Nearly 200 vendors will have their wares on display, and the offerings are limited to only flowers. Everything flower-related, from garden accessories to seeds and bulbs will be up for grabs. Face it – you wouldn’t want to walk away empty-handed, anyway!

Get Involved

There’s more to the Philadelphia Flower Show than stopping and smelling the roses. There are also quite a few events being held in conjunction with the event, all with their own flowery twist. Budding photographers will be interested in the early morning photo tours, while night owls can get their groove on at Flowers After Hours, an after-hours showing of the exhibits set to the tune of a live DJ. One of the events to look forward to most, however, is “Butterflies Live!”, an interactive exhibit featuring a thousand butterflies.

Eat, Drink, and Take a Load Off

With so much going on at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, you’re going to get tuckered out quickly. Thankfully, there will be plenty of refreshments available from Fine Wine & Good Spirits, who will be serving up dozens of wines for you to pair with all the scents and colors around you. If you’d rather have a little pick-me-up instead, there will also be multiple tea vendors serving hot drinks in a dedicated Garden Tea Room.

Whatever your motivation for going, the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show is sure to be a colorful event. If you’ve been feeling lately that warm weather is overdue, a day at the flower show will surely help you bide your time until spring is in bloom again.

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