Preparing An Apartment Emergency Kit

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An accident can happen at any moment. Depending on how prepared you are for the situation, that same accident could have a lasting impact on your life. That’s why it’s important to always be prepared, as diligence will help you and your family during an emergency.

Living in an apartment doesn’t leave a lot of room for storage of unnecessary items. To make sure you are ready for whatever comes your way, without taking up space in your home, here are some things you can do when preparing an apartment emergency kit.

First Aid Kit

Many emergencies in your home may require some sort of medical attention. From small scrapes to minor bruises, having a First Aid kit readily available will prepare you for a variety of situations. Your First Aid kit could also potentially be used for other tasks, making it a multi-useful resource. A tiny First Aid kit won’t take up much space in your apartment, but it’ll come in handy in the event that you need it.

Basic Tool Kit

Apartment-Emergency-KitA basic tool kit will also be valuable in the event that you need it. Even though you may not have room in your apartment for an oversized tool chest, a convenient kit can be tucked away in a closet. Inside that kit, include a hammer, multi-purpose screwdriver, tape measure, level, and any other small tools you think will come in handy. In the event that something happens that you can’t fix with the small kit, you’ll likely need to call maintenance for anyways. But with a small tool kit, you’ll be ready for minor emergencies you can fix on your own.

Transistor Radio

In the event of a more serious emergency, your normal means of communication may not work like you expected. Therefore, having a transistor radio will help to stay connected with emergency resources.


A flashlight is another resource that will be useful. Keep in mind that a flashlight is enough to add light during a major storm that causes a blackout, but it can also be useful during more serious emergencies.

Pro Tip – Be sure to have batteries available for your radio and flashlight. A pack of extra batteries should be added to that emergency kit, as they can help power items in the event of a blackout.

Water & Non-Perishable Food

Water and food may seem like obvious everyday goods, but they may become valuable assets in the event of an emergency. Consider storing a few gallons of water per person in your family, as well as enough non-perishable food to last for a few days. This may only be useful in the most dire of circumstances, but that may be what is needed in an emergency.

Preparedness Plan

Finally, be sure that your family has a preparedness plan. Knowing what to do in an emergency will help to keep everyone safe. Your emergency plan may not be something that you physically put inside, but it’s just as valuable a part of preparing your apartment emergency kit.

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