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The Goddard Schools: What To Expect

The Goddard Schools are a unique learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. Here, your children will be encouraged to explore the world around them with a guided experience. This method allows kids to be more invested in the subject matter, and leading to a deeper learning experience. Let’s take a look at what sets The Goddard School apart from the pack.

A Different Approach

The Goddard School philosophy believes that children learn best while playing. When kids are deeply invested in a subject, they are more apt to discover and ask thoughtful, probing questions to learn more about the subject. This breaks away from the traditional classroom setting by allowing the children to guide their learning experience. For example, the teacher may have a planned lesson, but she notices that the rain outside fascinates the kids. The teacher will redirect her lesson to focus on the weather so the kids can be actively engaged.

The Educators

The teachers at The Goddard Schools have studied early childhood education or related fields, and have been trained with the Goddard Systems University for ongoing coaching for better classroom practices. This is to ensure that all teachers provide excellent care to the children in each program. Each school has an education director who oversees teachers on health and safety standards, curriculum requirements, and developmental guidelines for the enrichment programs. The Goddard Schools believe in open and constant communication with parents on what goes on in the classroom.


The school has infant care up to elementary school-aged classes, with everything in between. Each age group has a specific model in place to give your little one the room to grow, while actively learning. They have developed a program called F.L.EX. (Fun Learning Experience) to encourage children to investigate the world. There is a guided daily structure, but wiggle room for the kids to explore the topics that interest them. Activities incorporated into the day will work on fine motor skills, manners, and problem-solving skills.

As part of the curriculum, Enrichment programs are part of your child’s experience. You can choose from classes such as sign language, yoga, Spanish, computer, and world cultures to broaden your child’s education.

Kids are encouraged to be active with outdoor playtime and guided nature walks with teachers. The Goddard Schools believe that the playground is an extension of the classroom. Every opportunity is a chance to teach and learn something new. Even at mealtime—snacks and lunch are an opportunity to learn about social skills and healthy eating habits. Kids of all ages are taught proper table manners and learn how to interact with one another with respect, regardless of what they are doing.


The Goddard Schools have received the AdvancED Corporation Accreditation in 2009, which is one of the highest accreditations. This ensures that the highest standards of early learning and childhood development are met.

As of 2011, The Goddard Schools received accreditation from Middle States Corporate. They have been awarding colleges and secondary schools accreditations for over 100 years, and have recently begun providing accreditation for early childhood education. This ensures that The Goddard Schools continue to maintain a high-quality childhood education program.

This revolutionary way of approaching education is changing the way that kids learn and grow. If you are interested in learning more, please visit The Goddard Schools today. There are scholarships and other financial planning options available to fit any budget. For The Goddard Schools, the focus is the children.

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