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It’s that time of year again…Spring! Tulips are pushing their way through the soft earth and reaching for the sun. Major League Baseball spring training is in full swing. And…it’s time for spring cleaning.

Whether or not you’re a fan of cleaning, you’ll probably agree that smelling the brisk, fresh air through open windows, is exhilarating. Keep that in mind when your to-do list seems overwhelming, because a good spring cleaning of your home (and vehicle), will lift your spirits. And with these suggestions and tips, you’ll be finished in no time.

Most likely, you already have a regular cleaning schedule, but spring cleaning is about tackling the places that need additional care. The places where you think, “I’ll get to that later.”

Well, The “later” has arrived, and it’s time to give them some attention.

Top 5 places that need a deep clean or extra attention:

  1. Find those dust bunnies: Look underneath and behind the couch, bed, dresser, washer and dryer, television, refrigerator, top of cabinets, and if you’re feeling brave…the oven. While you’re in dust-mode, hit the usual spots, along with picking up picture frames and electronics you’ve been dusting around. Look for cobwebs in light fixtures, in the corners of the ceiling, and by your prized knickknacks.
  2. All things windows: Windows, screens, tracks blinds, and curtains could all probably use some help. It’s nice to see the windows sparkle, but don’t forget the mucky screens. All winter, the wind has been depositing dirt and grime on them. And, when you’re airing out your home and enjoying the smell of spring, make sure the outside dirt isn’t coming inside. Choose a day when the winds are low to tackle this project.
  3. Major appliances: Your refrigerator (inside, underneath, and behind), stove (don’t forget the exhaust fan filter), oven (including the drawer and between the oven and the countertop), microwave (steam it first with a cup of vinegar to soften the stuck-on gunk), freezer, toaster (a toothbrush is helpful), dishwasher (the food trap filter), washing machine (seals and filters) and dryer vents all should be on your list.
  4. Things that hide behind the door: Pay special attention to your cabinets (also the built-up grease and food on the outside), pantry, closets, medicine cabinet (purge expired medicine), drawers (How does food even get inside the cutlery holder?), and underneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  5. It’s time to reach up and bend down: Don’t forget the baseboards, room fans, rugs and carpets, walls, floor vents, bathroom vent cover and exhaust fan, and kitchen and bathroom floors (maybe on your hands and knees so you can reach behind the toilet and along the baseboards).

Places you may not have considered:

  1.   Trash cans and recycling bins
  2.   Toothbrush holder
  3.   Kitchen sink and the garbage disposal splash guard
  4.   Shower curtain liners and shower caddies
  5.   Toilet brush holder and the plunger
  6.   All knobs, handles, and switches
  7.   Faucet aerators (Don’t forget the shower head.)
  8.   Remote control; cell phone; keyboard; purse; briefcase; and backpack

Do these lists seem daunting? Here are some helpful tips:

  1.   Don’t do it all in one day and remember to take breaks
  2.   Music helps
  3.   Pick a chore and stick to it
  4.   Multi-tasking will slow you down
  5.   Have all your supplies on hand
  6.   Snacks are a good thing
  7.   If in doubt on how to clean something, check Pinterest

Are you ready to tackle your spring cleaning? After reading these suggestions and tips, you should be off to a fantastic start! 

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