Summer Jobs for Teens

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When summer rolls around you may have teenagers who are looking to make some money. Yet, they may not be old enough to find work in a shop or restaurant – so what are they to do? If your teen is looking for some ideas to earn some money this summer – share these ideas with them. They may find that there are several things on this list that they can do.

dog walkerBabysitting

People are always looking for babysitters. During the summer you may find parents who need help during the daytime hours when they are at work or, of course, evenings when parents want to go out. Teens can make themselves more marketable as babysitters by getting CPR certified and taking a childcare course. Often you can find these courses at your local YMCA or Red Cross.

Pet Sitting/ Dog Walking

Summer is prime vacation time for many families, and that often means that pets need to stay at home. Pet sitting or dog walking is a great job for teenagers. 

Lawn Work

If your teen is comfortable running a lawn mower, he/she may find work taking care of lawns for the summer. They may also seek out jobs weeding flower beds and harvesting gardens while people are away on vacation.

House Cleaning

If you have a teen with an eye for detail and who loves to keep his room tidy, cleaning houses may be an option. 

Car Washing/Detailing

Everyone loves a freshly washed car, but lots of people don’t like to do the work. Car washing and detailing the inside of vehicles can be an excellent summer job. 

Pool Cleaner

If you live near neighborhoods where people have pools, teens can seek out work cleaning pools during the summer months. Most homeowners with pools will already have the necessary equipment, so your teen will just be putting in the time to get the job done.

Music Teacher

Is your teen musical? Does he play the piano? How about the guitar? If your teen is talented musically, she may enjoy giving lessons to younger children.


If your teen is strong in a particular subject area, tutoring can be a lucrative job as students get some remediation during the summer months or work to get ahead for the fall. 

Child’s Party Performer

Children’s birthday parties often involve a guest appearance from a princess or a clown or some other performer. This is a great job for teens. They can invest in a costume (or two) and become a party performer.


Sports require referees. Soccer, baseball, softball, and other sports often allow for teens to ref the games of younger children. While your teen will most likely be required to take a course that teaches them the basics of being a referee, they may find it to be worth the investment.


Does your teen have an excess of “stuff” in their room? Clothes? Toys? Knickknacks? They can sell this stuff to earn money. It’s a win-win in that they clear some clutter and make some cash.

Volunteer Work

If your child can’t find work or is unsure of what they want to do, perhaps they could consider volunteering. Animal shelters, camps, and other organizations may be looking for summer volunteers. It’s a great way to get some experience and help build a resume for future work or college.

Summer for teens doesn’t have to mean endless hours of video games or cries of “I’m bored.” Teens can be creative and perhaps use some of these ideas to earn money. Many of these jobs are extremely flexible and allow for teens to take a family vacation or participate in summer sports, too!

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