Summer Party Ideas 2018

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The kids are out of school, the workdays seem to be a little shorter, and the days are longer. Summer weather provides the best excuse to have a party to stay cool. Get creative with your summer parties by adding in fun features to make it unique. The main things is to have fun, so keep things simple, and have a great time. Here are the best summer party ideas for 2018:

Spiked Lemonade Bar

Summertime is known for its cool and refreshing drinks. One of the best summer drinks is freshly squeezed lemonade. To add an extra summertime punch to your party, have a spiked lemonade bar so guests can mix and match their favorite liquors into the lemonade. Mix the lemonade with clear liquors like Vodka, and have frozen fruit on the side to drop in to cool the drink instead of ice.

Mini Cheese Boards

Wine and cheese have gone together since the invention of both. They pair so perfectly together, and it’s a great way to spend a girl’s night. Not everyone enjoys the same wine or cheese. Create custom mini cheese boards for your guests according to what their favorite wines are. Have a Chardonnay board, a Pinot Noir Board, and a Merlot Board so everyone can sample a little bit of everything.

Floor Party

Who needs chairs? Hot air rises, and so the closer you are to the floor, the cooler it is. Forget about rearranging the space to fit everyone’s fold out chair–it’s a floor party. Throw a bunch of blankets, pillows and rugs down to make it comfy, and relax. It’s a much more laid back and personal way to spend the evening. You’ll be rolling around on the floor laughing and make great memories.


Everyone is looking for ways to stay cool while keeping up with the party. Create a fun time for your guests with homemade frozen cocktails in a popsicle form. These are going to fly out of the freezer faster than you can make them!

Wine + Popsicles

Don’t have time to make the cocktail popsicles? Don’t sweat it. Get a standard popsicle, and put it in a wine glass. Pour your favorite white on top, and you’ll have a cool, sweet treat for adults only.

Prosecco Pong

Beer pong is well known and loved, and for good reason. If you’re looking to take your pong game to the next level, then Prosecco Pong is for you. It’s classy, boozy, and oh-so-delicious! It even comes with a classy kit to get you started, but all you really need is some prosecco, a table, a ping pong ball, and containers. To make it extra summery, play outside as the sun is setting with some string lights overhead.

Tent Parties

Summertime is when everyone wants to be outside enjoying the weather and nature. The fact is, sometimes mother nature gets in the way of a good time. Outsmart her with a tent party. Provide your guests shade for the hot afternoons, have protected furniture, and hang beautiful decorations. It’s the perfect way to guarantee a perfect summer party.

Keep the heat wave at bay with these cool party ideas. It’s a simple way to elevate your party from a college/young adult style to a classic/mature party with a fun twist. People will be talking about your cool party ideas til the next summer!

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