The Right Way To Hang Things In Your Apartment

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If you’ve ever completed an apartment lease without any holes left in the walls, then consider yourself lucky. Even if you are extra cautious on a day-to-day basis, many people end up with holes in their walls because of how they hang things. The truth is that objects of different weights and dimensions need varying techniques for being hung.

To ensure that you don’t have money taken out of your security deposit because of holes in the wall, here are some tips for the right way to hang things in your apartment.

Determine The WeightMature Couple Drilling Wall To Hang Picture Frame

As mentioned above, weight is likely going to be the biggest single deciding factor for determining how to hang something on a wall in your apartment. Properly hang something based on weight, and you should be fine when it comes to keeping your personal belongings safe. But use a sticky hook when you should be using a nail, and you’ll likely end up coming home to a disaster in your apartment. There are a ton of different hanging tools out there. In order to ensure that you choose the right one, consider the weight of your item before hanging it.

Adhere To Hanging Guidelines Of Apparatus

Along with weight, you’ll also want to follow along with whatever other guidelines come with the hanging apparatus as well. For example, a 16d Common 0.162” nail is heavy duty and will likely accommodate to holding equally as heavy equipment, such as a TV or large piece of art. On the other hand, a smaller 8d x 1.5” nail is going to be better for smaller photos or cabinets. There are a variety of different nails and hanging apparatus out there, so be sure to follow the guidelines before using them to put items on your walls.

Look For A Stable Foundation

You’ve probably heard of a stud finder, and that’s for good reason.  They can come in very handy when looking to hang things on your walls. One of the biggest mistakes that many apartment owners make is posting things directly into drywall. But drywall won’t hold up for heavier items. By using the stud finder, you can determine where the most stable foundation will be for hanging something, and then place it there to ensure stability.

Consider Added Security

What more can you add to ensure that your personal items are hung safely? You may want to consider additional levies or hanging systems, especially for heavier items. That’s especially the case if heavier means more valuable. Just remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your personal belongings, which is why you should consider adding additional security and stability to any items you hang on your walls.

Before you go and put a bunch of holes in your wall, consider the tips here for properly hanging something in your apartment. Not only will you save money at the end of your contract, but you can also avoid damage to your personal belongings as well.

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