The Top Winter Vacation Destinations in the United States

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Summer is the de-facto season for travelling, but there’s still some merit for making a trip during the winter. For one thing, travel rates can be less expensive than in the warmer months. But also, going out at this time of the year can result in some experiences you wouldn’t get at any other time. So, whether you’re in search of the best wintery views or you’re just trying to be a snowbird and get away from the cold weather, here are some of the places you’ll want to add to your travel list this winter.

Aspen and Vail, Colorado

If you ski or snowboard, and you’re looking for the best slopes in the United States, Colorado should be at the top of your list. Home to the Rocky Mountains, the Centennial State has tons of ski resorts that aren’t just highly-rated for America, but for the entire world as well. Apsen and Vail are among the most popular Rocky Mountain locations for winter sports enthusiasts, and their downtown offerings are nothing to scoff at, either. Even if you don’t have the balance (or the courage) to take on the slopes, there are still other outdoor activities to take part in. Or, you can at least keep warm with some a hot cup of cocoa in the ski lodge.

Yellowstone National Park

If you’re less of a sports enthusiast and more of a nature geek, you owe it to yourself to visit one of America’s national treasures – Yellowstone National Park. Now, you might’ve visited Yellowstone in times of better weather, but the park is still worth seeing after a snowfall. Who could resist seeing Old Faithful blow while surrounded by a valley of snow? Or give up sighting a pack of buffalo shuffling through the fields? If that’s not enough of a reason to visit, the breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and trees will be.

The Florida Keys

Sick of runny noses, wet feet, and scraping snow off your car? Sounds like you need a vacation away from the snow, so head south for warmer weather. As a whole, Florida is the eastern United States’ go-to getaway, with warm weather, nice beaches, and gentle ocean waves serving up the perfect antidote for those who are over winter. While much of Florida is vacation- and family-friendly, the Florida Keys are especially known for bringing in visitors. The only downside to this trip? Having to return home after a few days in paradise!

Las Vegas, Nevada

For a more grown-up escape from the snow, why not take a chance on Vegas? If winter’s got you down, there’s nearly nothing better than indulging yourself in some of the best resorts America has to offer. Plus, it’s good to know that the money you save by visiting during the winter might just offset what you’ll lose if you try your luck at the casino. Keep in mind that while the temps will be warmer here than in much of the States, it’ll still get chilly, especially at night. Don’t forget your jacket!

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