Trending Color Schemes For Apartment Design

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When it comes to a cozy area, the vibrancy of surrounding colors can make a huge impact. This is perfect for those living in an apartment, as the colors you choose can make a big difference on your living space. In the event you can paint the walls in your apartment, this gives you even more options to consider for a more welcoming environment.

From the rugs and table accessories, to the paint on the walls, colors and styles are always changing. This year, these are the trending color schemes for apartment design that’ll really make your place look great.

Pastel Purple

Color-SwatchesLighter shades of purple seem to be one of the most popular colors right now. While some may prefer a deeper purple, a lighter pastel is a shade that elicits great response in a smaller space like an apartment. Purple is great for highlighting the beauty of warm spring months, it will also add seasonal appeal during the holidays as well. No matter what time of year, purple will look great in your living space and it’s a hot trending color scheme for apartment design.

Hard Colors & Bright Tones

Bright shades and joyful color combinations will add fun to any room in your apartment. While a hard green or bright yellow may look more like colors you might see in a child’s playroom, these fun shades will add excitement to your living space. These colors also look great in both traditional and modern styles, which is ideal for no matter what your preference is. You’ll love the energy these hard colors radiate each time you step into your apartment.


Some apartment complexes do not allow painting of the walls, which means you’ll have to work with what you’ve got. Even against white walls as the backdrop, you’ll notice that soft greys, eggshell, and off-white all look great in contrast. This also helps to set a much softer tone for those looking for something less eccentric than the hard colors mentioned above.

Warming Brown

Another color that looks great against white is a warming brown. Brown is a bold color that many people may not consider adding to their living space, but it’s a trending shade that you may want to consider this year. Add a brown rug or other subtle elements, and you’ll notice that your apartment has a more warming feel.

Industrial Steel

An alternative to brown and it’s warming feel, is the bold statement of industrial steel. The minimalist look might be exactly what you’re looking for in your apartment, and steel furnishings will help to compliment the theme. Less is more with an industrial steel color scheme in your apartment, and you’ll love this bold look.

Make your home look great this year with these trending color schemes for apartment design. Whether you consider a complete overhaul or just add a few subtle elements, you’ll love the way your space looks with these new colors.

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