Unique, Personal Gifts for Mom This Mother’s Day

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Moms never get enough recognition for everything that they do. Day in and day out, Mom is there with packed lunches, bandages for scrapes, and the best bedtime stories. She does all this while maintaining a house and taking care of other life responsibilities. Show Mom how much you love her with a personalized or unique Mother’s Day gift this year.

  1. Stacked Rings With Names: These beautiful rings are custom made to add specialized words and names on it. You can stack the rings with all the names of your mom’s children. Or, if there is a special nickname that you used to call her, you can make that a ring. They are made out of sterling silver with a rustic hammered look to give them a unique shape. You can’t go wrong with something simple that she can wear everyday and that is so meaningful to her life.
  2. Tea Mixing Kit: If your lovely lady loves the finer things in life, then she will love this tea mixing kit. You can make your own blends of traditional teas like Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, and Prince of Wales. It comes with an accessory to easily create new blends and steep them to perfection. Your mother will love her personalized tea experience tailored to her exact taste buds.
  3. Personalized Docking Station: This beautiful display is made out of wood, and holds all of the things that she needs. It’s a charging station for her cell phone, a jewelry holder for bracelets, earrings, and watches, as well as a little crook for keys and other items that she might want to hang. It also has a nice little ledge to easily fit a pair of reading glasses or other items that she wants nearby. It goes perfectly on a nightstand to keep everything neat and organized.
  4. Constellation Pillows: Commemorate a special date in your mom’s life with a map of the night sky for that day. Give her the sky from her wedding day, or the date that her first child was born. You can write a custom message on the pillow to show her how much you care. Functional gifts are great because every time she uses it, she’ll think of you.
  5. Wine Subscription: Let’s face it, you’re the reason why your mom drinks. Might as well give her some nice wines to sip on so she can get through the day! With a wine subscription, your mom can have wine delivered to her door so she never has to search through the liquor store again. The wine subscription will select wines based on her preferences and your price range.
  6. Home Cleaning Service: Your mom does so much all the time. Let her not think about the housework for a little while. Gift her the present of a clean home. A local cleaning service can get the job done to give her a break. You can hire someone for a one time cleaning, or setup a recurring visit to keep your mom happy year round.
  7. DNA Kit: Everyone wants to know where they come from. If your mom enjoys history and ancestry, then she may love a DNA kit to delve even deeper into her personal history. You can also do a health screen to see what your genetics might hold. It’s great for learning who you are, and where you come from.
  8. Amazon Echo: The second version is out, and it’s on sale! Snap one up for mom so that she can do things around the house hands free. She can sync her favorite apps all in one to keep everyone’s life organized in a flash.
  9. Spa Day Certificate: Of course your mom deserves a day off. Give her a relaxing treat of a day at the spa to melt away stress. Give her a certificate so she can choose which services would fit her best.
  10. Armchair Table Top: Your mom loves having her cup of coffee in the morning sitting in their favorite armchair. Likewise, she finishes her night in the same chair with a glass of wine. Let her read in peace by giving her a grippy table top that fits over any chair arm. This rubberized bottom will hold the glass so she doesn’t have to worry about it sliding off.

Flowers and chocolates are great, but by giving her something that took a little more effort will show her that you really care. Think about who your mom is and what she needs most in her life. Cater to her interests and give her all the love that you can muster. The cost of the gift doesn’t matter–as long as your heart is in the right place, she’ll love it.

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