5 Upgrades To Make to Your Bathroom

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There are many benefits that come with renting over buying. One downside, however, is that you may be limited to the amount of DIY renovations that you can do. So while your boxes may be unpacked and the rent is being paid, it’s tough to ever feel like you’re truly at home when the space isn’t completely unique to your stylistic tastes.

Luckily, it doesn’t take a massive demolition to make a space your own. The bathroom, for instance, is one room that can be decorated with minor upgrades that’ll make a huge difference. Here are 5 upgrades to make to your bathroom that’ll feel more like home.

Create A Theme

If you’ve never decorated a space before, then do yourself a favor and begin by coming up with a theme for the entire bathroom. Whether it’s temporary floral wall decals, photos of breezy beaches, or the ultimate man zone with sports memorabilia, having a common theme for your bathroom upgrade will do wonders. It’ll give you a direction for design, as well as well you avoid cluttering your small space.

Cover The Floor

BathroomBathroom floors can vary in condition. For those that rent, chances are that someone has lived in the apartment before you. Therefore, there’s no telling what the condition of the flooring in the bathroom may be. However, you can cover unsightly areas and add color to your bathroom by putting down a bath mat or rug. A protective mat or rug is a feasible investment that will make a big difference in your apartment bathroom.

Add Storage

There’s nothing worse than having a bathroom full of clutter and mess. Get rid of your toothbrush, combs, facial moisturizers, and other personal belongings by hiding them in a storage space. Some may opt for a free-standing unit that goes nicely next to a toilet, while others may prefer something that hangs on a wall for space-saving purposes. Whatever you choose, adding storage will help to keep your bathroom free of clutter.

Bonus Tip – Make your bathroom even more personalized by painting or decorating your storage. While you may not be able to paint walls in your rented apartment, you can show your creative side by decorating a storage unit and putting it in your bathroom.

Replace The Toilet Seat

Another feasible investment is to replace the toilet seat. There’s no telling when the last time this was done, so switching to your own toilet seat may add a bit of piece and mind. In addition, you can get a toilet seat that really fits your space. Whether that means a decorative cover or an eco-friendly option, a new toilet seat can make a big difference.

Keep Things Smelling Good

You may not notice the smells in your bathroom, but you can rest assured that they are there. By adding candles, potpourri, or even a timed air freshener, you’ll keep things smelling great. In addition, these are subtle creative touches that make your apartment feel homey and comfortable.

Upgrading your rental doesn’t have to be impossible. Instead, consider these 5 upgrades to make to your bathroom as minor changes for big an impact.

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