6 Tips for Getting Ready Faster in the Morning

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We all know that the morning can be a nightmare. You’re trying to get ready for work, and you have no idea where your keys are. Your child is screaming because they don’t want to wear what you picked out for them, and your spouse is asking what’s for dinner – and they haven’t even had breakfast yet. It’s already 7:30 AM, and you still haven’t brushed your teeth! Yikes!

But mornings don’t have to be like this! With some preparation and the help of these simple tips – you’ll find mornings are much less chaotic, and you can get to work on time without all of the stress!

  1. Get enough sleep at night: This is probably one of the most important things when it comes to getting ready faster in the morning. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, then you’ll find yourself running slow in the morning – and probably feeling a little cranky – which won’t help. 
  2. Lay out your clothes before bed: This tip is great if you’re not a “morning person.” Before going to bed each night, pick out everything that needs to be worn the next day – including shoes, socks, and accessories. Hang them where they need to be hung and put your shoes in a place where you can find them. Then, when it’s time to get ready for work the next day, everything is laid out, and you’re not stuck wondering what you’re going to wear.
  3. Get dressed before leaving your bedroom: You know how easy it can sometimes be to roll out of bed, brush your teeth, and head to the kitchen for coffee. But don’t leave your bedroom without being ready for the day. You want to be showered, dressed, and ready to go before you set foot in the kitchen.
  4. Get up earlier: This is an obvious tip, but if getting ready in the morning takes too much time and energy (thinking longer than 30 minutes), then try waking up just 15 or 20 minutes earlier. This will give you enough extra time so that if something does take longer than normal, such as helping kids with tying shoes or brushing hair, there won’t be any stress about being late for work or school.
  5. Get the kids’ stuff ready in the evening: Yes, spend some time prepping your children in the evening for the morning. Baths at night. Backpacks and lunches ready to go. And clothes picked out – by them – so they can dress themselves. If they’re ready for it, create a chart that tells them exactly what they need to do in the morning (you can use pictures for younger children), such as: brushing their teeth and hair, washing their face, getting dressed, making their bed, eating breakfast, etc. 
  6. Utilize the time you have: If you’re an early bird, then getting ready in the morning is a breeze. But if you’re not, then it’s time to put your multitasking skills to work! You can shave in the shower. You can read the paper while you eat breakfast. You can have your child brush their teeth while you brush their hair. Little things can add up to big-time savings!

Mornings don’t have to be stressful when you use these simple tips and prepare. It’s the little changes that can make a big difference as to how you start your day!

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