7 Great Gifts Under $25

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Need a gift for a friend but have no idea what to buy? Are you celebrating the birthday of a work colleague but want to keep it to a reasonable amount? Just in need of a few good ideas for the next party you’re invited to where you need a gift? Then here are some gifts that might work – and they’re all under $25!

  • Mixed Llamas Set of 4 Swedish Dishcloths: Swedish dishcloths have kind of a cult following – and if you know, you know. They’re super absorbent (absorbing up to 20 times their own weight) and environmentally friendly. They can help you wash dishes or windows or clean up after the messiest of children. The best part? They are machine washable, and when they’ve reached their end of life, you can toss them in with your newspapers to be recycled. Plus, these llamas are just adorable!
  • Succulent Gift Box: Succulents are perfect for those who have green thumbs – and maybe more importantly, those who don’t – because they’re easy to care for. This little gift box will give the recipient a live succulent in a cute little pot, along with a small candle and matches. (There are also many add-ons available if you’re looking to spend a little more money.)
  • HoMedics TotalComfort Portable Ultrasonic Humidifier: Looking for a way to add moisture to a small space such as an office or even a car? Then consider a portable humidifier. This one from HoMedics makes for a great gift as it is very compact (can even fit in your car’s cup holder) and extremely quiet (perfect for shared spaces – such as an office). It has two different mist settings and can run for up to 10 hours (and it automatically shuts off, too).
  • Gourmet Hot Sauce Box: Does the person you’re buying a present for appreciate food that’s got a kick to it? Do they always seem to be adding hot sauce to just about everything? Then get them a few variations of their favorite condiment! 
    • This box from Elijah’s Xtreme has three great sauces: 
      • Ghost Pepper Sauce: A blend of Ghost Pepper, Habanero peppers, passion fruit juice, lime juice, and garlic – 9 Industry Awards – 450,000 Scoville Heat Units
      • Elijah’s Original: Made with Sweet Red Cayenne & Jalapeño Peppers grown in the Rich Volcanic Soil of the Costa Rican Mountains – 1 Industry Award – 3,500 – Scoville Heat Units
      • Reaper Sauce: Sweet heat made with black cherries, cranberries, Carolina Reaper, and Kentucky Bourbon – 15 Industry Awards – 350,000 Scoville Heat Units 
  • Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker: Is that person you need a gift for a cold brew lover? Do they continue to pay their local coffee shop for it – when they could be making it at home? Then get them their very own cold brew coffee maker! Soon they’ll be enjoying the smoothest coffee around – and saving some big bucks, too!
  • Smartphone Screen Amplifier: More and more people use their phones for everything from reading to watching movies, but the screen can be awfully small for those things. This screen amplifier can fix that! It can be used with any phone, and it’s small enough to throw in a backpack or suitcase!
  • Bgraamiens Puzzle – The Lines: Who doesn’t appreciate a good challenge when it comes to a puzzle? This 1000-piece puzzle is sure to deliver – and then some! It’s black and white and consists only of lines – so it’s definitely advanced! 

Gift-giving can be difficult – and expensive! But these unique gifts are all under $25 – and there’s something for everyone on this list!

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