7 Old Traditions That We Need To Bring Back

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As a society, we’ve lost touch with small, yet important expressions of respect for one another. We need to break out of the mindset of “me,” and return to thinking of others before ourselves. You’ll find that once you do, your needs will be met. Here are seven old traditions we’ve lost as a society that we should bring back!

  1. 7-old-traditions-that-we-need-to-bring-backWriting Letters: There’s nothing like a handwritten note. It’s even better when the outside is designed by the author. It’s incredibly personal and filled with love. It’s much more sentimental than the store-bought cards. Include a heartfelt message to make that piece of paper the most valuable thing the recipient owns.
  2. Dressing Smartly: There used to be a standard of dress that was customary in public. Everyone took time and care on their appearance. You don’t have to spend excess amounts of money on fancy suits, but it is nice to try to put your best foot forward and take pride in your appearance.
  3. Maître d’s: Restaurants used to have someone at the door who was dedicated to your experience. They took care of your every need, and anticipated what you wanted before you could ask for it. Typical wait staff is great, but the maître d took pride in their jobs and had exquisite customer service.
  4. Bringing A Meal To A Friend In Need: It used to be customary to bring a hot cooked meal over to a family who was in need. Whether they just lost a loved one, welcomed a new baby, or moved, it was normal for people to care for each other by taking the burden of cooking off of their plate. We should go back to caring for people by serving each other when we need it most.
  5. Manners: It used to be that it was unheard of to speak to someone else without addressing them as Miss, Ma’am, Sir, or Mister. Nowadays, it’s a rarity. Manners don’t cost you anything and it shows respect to others around you. Saying a simple thank you can tell a server that you appreciate the work that they do. You’ll get farther in life with politeness rather than barking at someone.
  6. Sitting Through A Whole Dinner: Dinner etiquette is a dying artform. Stay seated for the entire duration of the meal, keep your elbows off the table, and take your time enjoying the meal. Most importantly, put the phone away. Have a genuine conversation with those sitting around you.
  7. Singing Songs to Your Love: Men used to chase after women with songs, poems, and chivalry. It’s not often that you’ll see a man sing to a woman he adores. We should bring back romance into our relationships. Tell and show each other how much we love each other even years down the road.  

We may have lost these traditions as a society, but that doesn’t mean we should forget them forever. Change your thought process to think of ways to show others that you care for them. Treat everyone that you meet with the utmost respect, and you’ll find yourself surrounded with close friends that also care for you.

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