7 Ways to Be A Gracious Guest At the Holiday Party

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Holiday parties are the best thing about the Christmas season. Even though it’s cold outside, everyone has a warm, and welcoming house that they want to share with their friends. As you travel from party to party, be sure not to commit a party guest faux pas, and be a gracious guest.

  1. 7-ways-to-be-a-gracious-guest-at-the-holiday-partyFind Out Where It’s Appropriate to Park: The biggest pet peeve of any host is to have neighbor complaints that a guest is blocking them in. Respect that this isn’t your home, and that means the parking lot too. Usually there are designated visitor parking spaces in the lot, but if those are full, make sure to double check with your host where they are allowed to be.
  2. Come With A Gift: Even if your party host declines an offer for you to bring something, bring a small token of appreciation for the party. If you enjoy having a drink or two, bring what you would like to drink so you don’t mooch off of someone else. Try to pick a drink that doesn’t take up a generous amount of fridge or counter space.
  3. Talk to Everyone at the Party: You might know everyone there, or you may only know the host. Either way, make your rounds throughout the party to have a chance to speak to everyone. It takes the pressure off of the host to feel the need to entertain everyone all the time. Obviously, they will be busy serving food and keeping the house in line to be able to spend the entire time chatting. Get to know others around you and enjoy their company.
  4. Don’t be the Center of Attention: Yes, you want to talk to others, but at the same time, this isn’t your party. Don’t steal the spotlight by being the center of attention. Let the host control the party and the tempo. Don’t take over when the food is served, change the volume on the stereo, or make a dramatic scene.
  5. Don’t Complain About The Music Choice: Everyone has different tastes in music. Your host choose this specific playlist for a reason, and the last thing that they want to hear is your opinion on the matter. They are opening up their home to you, so keep your complaints to yourself.
  6. Clean Up After Yourself: Don’t leave a mess for someone else to clean up later. If you accidentally spill something, clean it up with the approved supplies. Grab paper towel, and not the nice Christmas towels set out for decoration.
  7. Say ‘Thank You’ Before Leaving: Always, always, always, make sure to spend a few minutes with your host before leaving to express your gratitude. The fact that they considered you for the invitation is enough reason to give thanks.  It’s a big task to host a party, so make sure you show your appreciation for their hard work.

It takes consideration, humility, and respect to be a great guest at a party. Remember that it’s not all about you, and look for ways to make your host’s life a little easier. Help everyone have a great time with your excellent holiday party etiquette.

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