Where Is the Best Place to Buy a Coffee?

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For some of us, coffee is a once-in-a-while treat to catch up with friends over. For others, it’s a daily (or sometimes more than daily) necessity. However much coffee you like to have–or need to function–there are some good choices to be had near Breinigsville. While each coffee shop here offers something a little different, it’s also worth taking a look at the prices to be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Java Joint

If you’re a person on the go, Java Joint could become your go-to. Their drive-thru means you can swing by to and from work – or if you’re just feeling particularly lazy. Just because you’re drinking local, independent coffee doesn’t mean that you have to miss out the member rewards that the larger chains offer. One fun little feature at Java Joint is their Latte Club, in which special prizes are given to lucky winner drawn weekly. A 12-ounce latte here will run you a little over three dollars, while an Americano or dark roast costs two bucks.

The Market Cafe

Located in Topton, The Market Cafe is a little bit of a drive away. But don’t let that deter you, as this remodeled train station offers a bit of everything, perfect for a morning or brunch. Price-wise, Market Cafe is just about what you’d expect for your regular drinks. A medium coffee is two dollars, and a latte is a little over three. But, with many other drinks at the ready, including an espresso milkshake, italian soda, and smoothies, you might find that special treat you’re craving and can’t get anywhere else.


C’mon – it’s Starbucks. While visiting the big green giant won’t win you any points for originality, the biggest coffee chain in the world didn’t get its reputation by serving a mediocre cup of joe. Of course, the shop is known just as much for its atmosphere, which is quiet, hip, perfect for studying or going on a date, as it is for its food and drink selection. But perhaps the true value in stopping by Starbies is knowing that whatever and wherever you order, you can usually count on your drink being of a certain quality. That quality might cost you, however, depending on which location you visit.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t quite known for their gourmet selection of coffee. While the selection is a little limited when compared to others, DD tends to run a little cheaper than its bitter green rival, especially if you’re buying in bulk. If you’re on office coffee duty for the day, you can count on this shop for your high volume caffeine needs; the Box O’ Joe is a 100-ounce box of hot coffee will make you the workplace hero. And with quick turnaround times and a hearty hot meal selection, Dunkin’ is the quick breakfast fix for many weary Americans. Plus, how could you refuse one of their signature doughnuts?

Everyone has their coffee preferences. Some like their coffee with no frills, some like their coffee super-caffeinated with espresso shots, some don’t really care at all. Whichever coffee place you choose to frequent will depend on your tastes, but if it’s the price of these coffees that catches your eye, it’s worth remembering that the cheapest cup is the one you brew at home. But what would be the fun in that?

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