The Crayola Experience: Great for the Whole Family

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Crayons, with their bright colors and ability to bring imagination to life, are a staple of childhood. Even if you’re an adult, it’s hard not to still feel joy when reading through all the interesting color names or pinning some crayon-made art to the refrigerator. If you want that fun and creativity to the next level, consider heading to nearby Eaton to visit the Crayola Experience, an activity hub for all things crayons. There’s a ton to do at the Crayola Experience, with four stories worth of activities. Here are some of the highlights if you go.

Watch the Magic Happen at the Crayon Factory

Have you ever wondered how crayons are made? When you visit the Crayola Experience, you’ll wonder no more as you get the chance to see first hand how these special crayons come into being. While you won’t have the opportunity to walk the factory floors (and really, what kids would find that very interesting?), you can watch an interesting performance that takes you step by step through the crayon-making process.

Activities to Indulge Your Child’s Creative Side

Naturally, the Crayola Experience isn’t just a passive experience. While watching how crayons are made can provide a lot of insight into how much work goes into bringing these everyday objects to life, it’s natural that your little ones will want to take part in something a little more interactive. Thankfully, there are many hands-on activities designed just for tykes, including a melt and mold station that allows them to create figures out of crayon wax. Another station provides the tools for creating colorful spin art creations, and another lets you customize your own crayon wrapper with whatever name you can come up with.

Catch Your Breath and Grab a Bite to Eat

If you plan on spending a day at the Crayola Experience–and with so many activities available, that would be easy to do–you and your family will probably want to take a break and perhaps grab a bite to eat. Recharge your batteries at the Cafe Crayola, where you can dine on healthy (and more indulging) foods while you watch the informative presentations on Crayola’s history at the Cafe Stage. If you plan on making a party of your visit, you’ll be reassured to know that the Crayola Experience provides birthday rooms for all your guests.

Acquire Some Keepsakes at the Crayola Store

After a whole day of everything Crayola, you and your little ones will be sure to be inspired to make crayons a larger part of your daily lives. So, no trip to the Crayola Experience is complete without at least a glance inside the Crayola Store, which offers the greatest selection of the company’s products. Pick your own pack of colors from huge tubs, just like in a candy store, or get a hold of your own two-pound, customized crayon.

Along with these fun activities, there’s plenty more to explore at the Crayola Experience, meaning you and your family are sure to have an active, colorful, hands-on day when you visit. Learn more about the attraction by visiting the Crayola Experience website.

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