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Technology has made just about every aspect of life easier and more efficient than ever before. One area that this really holds true is media streaming to your television. For year users were forced to connect a computer to an HDMI or other cord to the TV to consume media on their television. Streaming devices have eliminated this problem as you can now watch just about anything, including live TV without having cable, without ever getting up from the couch. Below are a few of the bigger streaming devices that have made this the new standard.

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick is one of the most affordable and reliable streaming devices on the market. It is very fairly priced as it sells on for $39.99. It is a small “stick” that sticks out a little more than inch from the HDMI port in your TV, so you don’t need to factor in space when buying it. One of the new features of the Fire Stick is the incorporation of Amazon Alexa voice technology. You can now speak to the remote so you don’t have to fuss with searching for the show you want to watch. It can be set up to act like an Amazon Alexa Speaker so it can tell you weather, operate the lights, and so much more. The one drawback with the Amazon Fire Stick is that it only streams in 1080p resolution and not the brand new 4k like some other streaming devices do. For just $40, the Fire Stick is a great option for someone looking to stream all kinds of media quickly without much concern for the slightly lower picture quality.


Roku has been around for years, specifically focused on media streaming devices. There are all kinds of different models of Roku streaming devices available on the market. They all do slightly different things, but can range from $29.99-$100.00+. All Roku devices come preloaded with a ton of different apps and places to watch different movies, shows, and even play some games. This will give you access to all the major places to watch media online like HBO Go, Netflix, and Hulu. Roku uses a special remote that comes with the device, so it isn’t as convenient as some other devices that can be operated with your phone. The different level Roku devices have different quality streaming, with the best being the Roku Premiere+ which streams 4k quality and is available for $89.99. Roku users can feel confident that their device will be reliable since Roku is one of the most established streaming device brands.

Google Chromecast

Of course, Google is one of the biggest names in technology and has expanded to offer much more than just a search engine. Chromecast has become one of Google’s biggest products and was one of the first streaming devices that became mainstream because Google was able to offer it for $29.99 when others were more expensive. Another huge feature of Chromecast is that users can operate the device from their phone. You pair your phone with the Chromecast device and you can easily hit a button on all kinds of apps like HBO, Netflix, and so many more that will stream it to your TV instantly. You can even download a lot of apps that are associated with live TV and stream them to your TV with Chromecast. The major drawback of Chromecast are problems with connectivity. The newer models are better, but there are still issues with connecting your phone to the Chromecast if your wifi connection isn’t strong or you are streaming from a longer distance away. That being said, Chromecast is often the best option for people depending on their wifi situation.

If you are looking to buy a streaming device sometime soon it is important to do your research. Try to talk to other people who watch similar things that you do to see if it would work for your situation. Depending on what you want to watch, a streaming device could even end up being a replacement for a pricey cable package.

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