How To Prepare For A 5k

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Running a 5k can be quite the challenge if you are not a runner. They are just long enough to require some training, but just short enough to not be an out of reach achievement for non-athletes. With the weather warming up there are all kinds of 5k’s and community runs that will be happening so it is a great time to get in shape!

Getting Started

This might be the hardest part of the process of preparing for a 5k. The first few days and weeks of training are going to be the hardest, especially if you are coming from not doing any physical activity. A great way to get started and stick to it is to choose and register for a 5k long in advance. This will give you a guideline and hold you to your training because you know the event is approaching. It is also a good idea to start long before your event so you can take things at your own pace and not feel rushed. You may need to start off with a long walk every day and work your way up to running, so you will want to allow lots of time to train. Signing up for an event with a friend is always encouraged as you are more likely to stick to it if someone else is pushing you. However you choose to get started it is important to remember that it is not a race and is always better to gradually work your way up to running 5k.

Changing Your Habits

5k’s are a great reason to change some of those bad habits that you have. You should put yourself on a schedule and stick to it. It is a great reason to wake up early and workout before work, which will have all kinds of positive effects on your day. Changing your eating habits is also a great idea when preparing for a 5k. You can probably think of a few things you should cut out of your diet and the push for a 5k is a great opportunity to do so. Try to make sure that you are eating 3 nutritious meals a day as this is the best way to get and stay in shape. 5k’s are a great excuse to change the way you live and get rid of some those bad habits.

How To Train

Assuming you are going from nothing to running a 5k, the training process can be hard. If you have never run before then you are in for a bit of a rude awakening. Of course, baby steps are the best way to get prepared for a 5k. Set goals for yourself and try to do a little more each day. Whether you start out walking or running, try to work up to running a full 5k. For example, a walker could try first walking a 5k, then the next week try jogging a portion and walking the rest, and slowly work their way up to running the whole 5k. To make things easier on yourself the day of the event, try to run a few 5ks before it is time for the big show. Getting started early is probably the most important thing you can do when training. You don’t want to be pressed for time and having to do more faster than you should.

It is never a bad time to sign up for a 5k. You are never in too bad of shape, too old, or too busy. You can start training any time and get yourself ready in months or even weeks! After all, even if you don’t run a 5k you can always walk it, so get out there, find a 5k, and get to training!

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