Best Ways to Donate Old Clothes

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Fashion is in one day, and out the next, but that doesn’t mean that the clothes have to go to waste. There are lots of people in your nearby community who could benefit from your gently used clothes. From folks who are trying to keep a tight budget, to the homeless, someone is able to enjoy your clothes. As you get ready for the big Spring cleaning, keep these locations in mind for your clothing donations.

  1. Big Brother Big Sister Foundation: Before you run out to the nearest drop-spot, think about going directly to a non-profit organization. By skipping the middleman, you can make the most impact on someone else’s life. The Big Brother Big Sister Foundation is an excellent spot to start with your donations. This organization is a mentor program for kids. Most of the kids are from families that work multiple jobs or struggle to make ends meet. By providing them with new clothing options, you could take a huge financial burden off of a family. Kids constantly need new clothes as they grow, which can add up over the years.
  2. Homeless shelters and missions: If you don’t have any children’s clothes to donate, another great place to donate clothes is a local homeless shelter or mission. Your clothes will have an instant impact on those who need it the most. Even business clothes and other office attire are in need at these locations. Many homeless people struggle to secure a job because it’s difficult to excel in a job interview when you don’t have the proper clothes. Something simple, like an Oxford shirt and slacks can help someone get and maintain a position to pull them out of financial strain.
  3. The Salvation Army: You can also bring your clothes to a local non-profit store. This Christian-based organization has done an excellent job of providing clothes to those who need it, as well as providing jobs to people who struggle with finding work. When you bring your clothes to these locations, they’ll be recycled to fill other Salvation Army stores that are in the area. The clothes are sorted, and then put on sale at an affordable price. You can also get a tax-refundable receipt for your donated items that you can claim at tax time.
  4. Thrift stores: If you’re looking for a way to give your clothes a second life, while putting a few dollars back in your pocket, thrift stores are the way to go. They may not accept all of your clothing, but they will go through your items and determine what they can resell and buy those from you. They look for specific name brands and items that are in decent shape. Nothing with major holes, rips, or stains will make it through. It won’t be a massive check, but it’ll be a little bit of a return on your investment. The people who benefit from these stores are typically for thiftspends who are looking for affordable options for new fashions.

Donating old clothing is a great way to make room for your new spring and summer clothes, while decluttering your closet. Let your gently used items help someone else in your community, by giving them a new life at a thrift store or homeless shelter. Donating your clothes is a small and easy way to make big impact on someone else’s life!

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