Do I Need Pet Insurance for My Pet?

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Our animals aren’t just our pets; they are part of our family. You would do anything to help protect your pet from illness and pain, which is why pet insurance is a vital part of being a pet parent. Vet bills can add up, regardless of your pet’s age. Plan for the future and give your pet the best medical care by researching pet insurance.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance covers medical expenses, behavioral lessons, loss/theft, or even the death of your beloved pet.

  1. Types of coverage
    • Lifetime: This is the most comprehensive plan that will stay with your pet for life. You will pay a premium once a year, but the coverage will not change regardless of the conditions your pet is in.
    • Annual: With this plan, you can pay for insurance on a year-to-year basis, which gives you the option to alter your insurance coverage each year. It is a cheaper option, but it doesn’t guarantee complete coverage, and it usually doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.
  2. What pets are covered?

The most common pets to buy insurance for are cats and dogs, but you can also find insurance for smaller animals like gerbils, rabbits, and hamsters. Exotic pets, like snakes, lizards, and parrots, will be more difficult to insure because fewer companies offer insurance on these types of pets.

You won’t be able to insure venomous pets, but you should look into liability insurance in case there is ever an incident with the pet.

Think about the typical veterinary bill. It can get pricey to get vaccinations, flea and tick medication, grooming and other annual checkups. Insurance can even help pay for boarding your pet if you take a vacation for a week or two. Little expenses over the course of a year can add up. Having insurance can save you money in the long run. Also, we never want to think about something unfortunate happening to our furry friends, but sometimes they do. It’s a truth that we need to acknowledge. There are people out there who would steal your animal for many different purposes. Protect yourself and your animal as best you can with a good policy to provide health care as well as services to keep your pet safe.

When to Insure

Pet insurance can get pricey if you wait. It’s best to get coverage before your pet gets older. Insurance companies see older pets as a higher liability and they won’t offer the same coverage and rates as they would a younger pet. Some companies only let you take out policies on 8-9 year old animals. By locking in a plan early on, you can end up saving money and providing your furry friend the best coverage possible.

Where to Insure

There are several companies that the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends to pet owners looking to buy insurance. Submit your information to each and see what company is able to provide you the best coverage for your pet. It’s best to shop around with trusted companies to see who can give you the best coverage for the lowest rate. Your pets love you unconditionally. Protect them the best way that you can with the best pet insurance that you can find.

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