Coffee Cake Recipes to Start Your Morning

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A coffee cake is just what it sounds like – a cake that is intended to be eaten with a cup of coffee. And because of their tie to coffee, they’ve become known as a delicious breakfast treat.

While the idea of coffee cake was originally started in 17th century Vienna, it then spread quickly through northern and central Europe. Eventually, as people began to immigrate around the globe, coffee cakes became a part of most cultures – although with different flavors and variations.  

  • Coffee Cake from Preppy Kitchen: If you love a more traditional coffee cake with a streusel topping – then this is the recipe for you! It makes a 9”x9” pan – which is just perfect for weekend mornings!
  • Cinnamon Coffee Cake from Taste of Home: This has all of the classic cinnamon flavor you want in a coffee cake, but it has a simpler cinnamon, sugar, and nut topping than the recipe above. This cake has simple ingredients and is really easy to put together! In fact, you might even ask the kids to help make it.
  • Sour Cream Coffee Cake from Ina Garten: Ina Garten may be known for her roast chicken, but her Sour Cream Coffee Cake is a great recipe, too. The cake flour makes it light and fluffy, and you’ll love that this has both a crumb topping and a glaze – along with tons of cinnamon flavor.
  • Blueberry Coffee Cake from Once Upon a Chef: When it comes to variations on coffee cakes, adding fruit is a popular way to go. Blueberries work great in coffee cakes as they pair well with cinnamon – and this recipe from Once Upon a Chef has a crunchy streusel topping that the whole family will love.
  • Country Apple Coffee Cake from Pillsbury: Want a “semi-homemade” coffee cake recipe that comes together quickly? Then this one from Pillsbury – which uses refrigerated biscuits is one to try! The addition of fresh apples, pecans, cinnamon, brown sugar, and a simple glaze will have everyone diving in!
  • Coffee Coffee Cake from Trisha Yearwood: How about making a coffee cake that actually contains coffee? This recipe from Trisha Yearwood is just that! Filled with coffee flavor – along with cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla – and topped with a crumb topping – it’s just delicious!
  • Raspberry Coffee Cake from The View from Great Island: Here’s another tasty fruit coffee cake – but this time, it contains raspberries. Be sure to check out all of the variations that are suggested – such as swapping in almond extract for the vanilla. Yummy!
  • Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake from The Salty Marshmallow: If you are up for chocolate any time of the day, then you need this Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake in your life. There are chocolate chips in both the cake and the topping – and it will be ready to eat in about an hour!
  • Almond Coffee Cake from Samantha Seeley: Almonds and whole grains come together to create this healthier coffee cake. But don’t worry – it still tastes delicious – and you’ll really love the crunch of the almonds.
  • Cream Cheese Swirl Blackberry Coffee Cake from Sweet Peas and Saffron: This coffee cake is slightly different from your usual one as it has a cream cheese swirl, blackberries, and lime zest! But don’t let “different” keep you from trying it – it is delicious and definitely stands out in a crowd.
  • Iced Pumpkin Coffee Cake from Sally’s Baking Addiction: Of course, if you’re a fan of pumpkin, you should have a pumpkin coffee cake in your repertoire. This one hits the mark – and it’s too tasty only to be made in the fall – so make it whenever you want!

Coffee cakes are a fantastic breakfast treat – and come in all sorts of different flavors! Give one of these a try and then sit back and relax as you enjoy a slice of deliciousness!

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