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If you have kids, you know that they seem to grow up too fast. It may seem like just yesterday that you brought home a cute little baby, and now they’re angsty teenagers that are trying your patience. 

Yes, kids are constantly changing.

And, you are probably working really hard to keep up with them. You try to help them through the various stages, from being infants to toddlers to pre-teens to teens. Of course, as they change, their interests and tastes change, too. It can seem like an ever-revolving door! 

This may mean that you’re often looking for inspiration for ways to decorate their rooms. After all, their room is their “space.”

When they’re younger, you can probably pick out decor ideas that you like, but as they get older, it’s nice to include them in the decision-making process.

If you want some inspiration for your child’s room – no matter what their age – here are a few fantastic Instagram accounts to take a look at. (And if you have tweens and teens – share these sites with them to see what they like.)

  • Decor for Kids: This Instagram account was created by Dania Farhat Interiors – and you are going to be so inspired by what she shares for kids’ rooms. You’ll see everything from nurseries to teen rooms, and you’re bound to find things you love, and your child will love, too.
  • Kids Bedrooms: This Instagram account showcases some amazing bunk beds and some themed rooms that kids are going to be crazy about. 
  • Kids Rooms Inspiration: There are lots of dreamy kids’ rooms to drool over on this Instagram account. And they even do the occasional giveaway – which is fun if you like to do those things!
  • Kids Rooms Mex: Herbe Calderon is a designer and carpenter and creates some amazing rooms. Because he is a carpenter, you will see a wooden element in most rooms, but the designs are fairly clean and simple – and leave room for you to expand upon them and make them your own.
  • Kids Interiors: There is so much inspiration here that you may be a tad overwhelmed – and that’s okay! Keep scrolling! And be sure to check out their webpage, too. They share gift guides, furniture ideas, links to sales, and more!
  • Lala Loves Decor: Jade from Lala Loves Decor runs an interior design business in the UK – and she has a great website to go along with her Instagram page. She makes it very easy to buy many of the things you see with a quick visit to her website and the click of a few buttons.
  • Little Crown Interiors: Naomi Alon Coe is the woman behind Little Crown Interiors, and you may have seen her on HGTV, Domino, or Rue. She’s a designer, blogger, and author – and you’re going to be nuts about the images she shares. You’ll find a TON of ideas!
  • Winter Daisy Kids: Melissa is a mom of three and lives in Vancouver, Canada – and her Instagram is gorgeous! She shares pictures of her entire home, but with three children – you’ll find plenty of pictures of her children’s rooms. 
  • Wildlings Interiors; Kelly is a creator/illustrator known for her playful, modern, gender-neutral, 100% sustainable prints. She shares images of her prints being used in kids’ rooms – and you’ll become a fan of her work when you see it. 
  • Kids Room Inspiration: This account is no longer updating, but there is plenty of inspiration still to be had. Scroll away for plenty of great pictures of kids’ rooms.

Kids’ rooms no longer have to be just a bed and a desk or a crib and changing table. Your child’s room can be just as stylish as the rest of your home – and these Instagram accounts will provide you with plenty of inspiration.

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