Ways to Show Your Appreciation to Your Employees

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If you’re a business owner or manager, you probably have some fantastic employees who help to make your business run smoothly and are always putting in 110%. In fact, they’re so awesome that you can’t imagine what you would do without them. 

If that’s the case, it’s important that you show your appreciation to these great people. Why? Business News Daily says that showing appreciation for your employees is important for four reasons:

  • It builds trust between employer and employee.
  • It boosts productivity levels.
  • It decreases employee turnover.
  • It improves brand recognition.

And those are four great reasons! But how do you go about doing it? What are some different ways you can show your employees how much they’re valued? 

Luckily, it’s not that hard. You can try some of these suggestions!

  • Let everyone who works for you have the ability to share their appreciation: Encourage everyone who works for you to share their appreciation. If you have a group communication tool, encourage them to share it there. Or, have them drop a kind note in a box that can be shared monthly. When given the chance to share their recognition of co-workers, you’ll find that this improves everyone’s feelings.
  • The way to your employees’ hearts is probably through their stomachs: Who doesn’t like some surprise donuts or free lunch? Food is a great way to show appreciation! And surprises are great! 
  • Share your employees’ good work on social media: People are sharing all sorts of good things on social media – so why not share the good work your employees are doing? Giving them a shoutout on the company Facebook page shows that they are an important part of your team.
  • Give away some gift cards: Yes, gift cards are a great and easy way to show appreciation. Pick up a selection of gift cards and put them in your desk – so you can share whenever you feel the need arises.
  • Ask for feedback: Are you implementing new systems at work? Are you making some changes? Ask for employee feedback. When employees are asked to share their feelings on work-related matters, they feel valued.
  • Give them some time off: Paid time off is always a hit – especially if you have employees who have been busy completing projects or getting you through a busy time in your business. Offering an extra day off is a definite bonus! 
  • Celebrate birthdays: Keep track of all of your employees’ birthdays – and acknowledge them when they come around. You can send a card, drop an email, or pick up a cupcake to show you care.
  • Give employees additional training: Do you want your employees to know that they are valued and that you want them to continue working for you? Then offer them training that can help them do their job better or advance in your company. 
  • Send them a handwritten note: Nowadays, everything seems to be done electronically – emails, texts, online groups. But if you want to stand out – send your employees handwritten notes that express your appreciation. It takes a few more minutes to do, but your employees will recognize the extra effort and appreciate it.
  • Financial incentives and bonuses: And, of course, financial incentives and bonuses show your appreciation. If you are financially capable of giving these, they are a true sign that an employee is valued.

If you’re looking for ways to show your employees that they are appreciated for their hard work and dedication, try some of these. You are bound to see smiles – and continued hard work – when you do. 

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