Cutting the Cord: Am I Ready?

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For years, the only way for you to get all of your favorite television programing and shows was to adhere to the rules and restrictions of the cable company in your area. In most cases, this meant being handicapped into contracts and other issues, all of which may have been worth it if you were willing to do whatever it took to watch the latest episode of Breaking Bad or the Super Bowl. Luckily, you are no longer bound to such strict rules. Instead, the internet and other streaming services make it easy for you to cut the cord and break free of pesky cable companies.

The question is, are you truly ready to cut the cord? While you may be fed up with your cable company, cutting the cord isn’t for everyone. To find out if it’s for you, here are some things to ask yourself when determining whether or not you are ready to cut the cord to break free from cable television subscriptions.

What Shows and Programs Do You Watch Most?

This issue is becoming less of a program as more apps are available. However, keep in mind that not all programs are available via streaming or cloud services. That means that if you absolutely love The Walking Dead, you may have no other option than to find a service that comes with AMC. Luckily, plenty of distribution options are available to make Netflix, Hulu, and other services well worth it. But if you are someone who needs something specific, be sure to consider this before you cut the cord.

Pro Tip – From movies and TV to sports and gaming, there are options for everyone out there. Consider what you love to watch most, see if it’s available, and then consider whether or not you can cut the cord by getting rid of the rest.

Cord-CuttingCan Your Internet Handle Streaming Services?

Streaming videos takes a lot in the form of bandwidth. While many places offer high speed internet, there are still some locations that cannot handle streaming video in the highest quality. If you live somewhere that the internet may not be feasible, then it won’t be worth subscribing to any sort of streaming service and cable may be your only option.

Is Switching Cost Efficient?

You may love one show on Netflix, another on Hulu, and still want to have the NFL End Zone bonus app. While these three programs provide you with plenty of entertainment, you may want to ask yourself it the total price offsets what you’d be paying for cable. Those that only want a few apps will benefit the most from cutting the cord, whereas others may want to keep larger cable packages.

We live in a world where entertainment is readily available at the push of a button. Now’s the time to get those cable companies back for years of overpriced services. But before you break free from your provider altogether, consider the insight here as to whether or not you are prepared to cut the cord completely.

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