Decorating for Halloween on a Budget

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Are you looking for a way to bring the spooky spirit to your house? You don’t have to spend tons on decorations to impress the ghouls next door. All you need are a few items and an afternoon to be the scariest house around.

Terribly Scary Dinner Party

  1.     Vampire Napkin Rings: Get a few cheap white cloth napkins and splash some red kool aid on them. Fold them in your favorite pattern, and pull them through a pair of plastic vampire teeth. Viola!
  2.     Spooky Center Pieces: Take a few empty bottles—you can use wine bottles, or glass soda bottles—and spray paint them white. Make sure to remove any labels and give them a good scrub before you start. Then, after the paint is dry, use a black permanent marker and draw 3 ovals to make a ghostly face. For a touch of color, you can pop some fun paper straws in, or you can add some flowers to jazz up the table.
  3.     Bloody Table Runner: This will go perfectly with your bloody napkins. Take a roll of gauze and unravel it. Take some red paint and dab it randomly over the gauze. If you want to get creative, you can also water down the paint some and flick it across the gauze to create a splatter pattern. Let it dry, and you’re all set! Place your new centerpieces on it, and pair it with the napkins for an unforgettable night!

Around the House

  1.     Lace Lantern: Try a new take on the classic Jack-o-lantern. It’s as simple as can be, but it looks extra fancy. Take a pumpkin, and spray paint it with your favorite color. White is the best for a sharp contrast. After the paint is dry, wrap the pumpkin with strips of lace at the fattest area of the pumpkin. If you’re in a pinch, you can use a lace headband, or cut a few strips of a patterned stocking to create the same effect.
  2.     Spider Sacks: These little guys are great for hanging on light fixtures, curtains, or doorways. To make these, you’ll need some white yarn, Tupperware, glue, water balloons, and plastic spiders. First, inflate the balloons. Then put some liquid glue and water in the Tupperware. The ratio is about 2:1 (2 parts glue, 1 part water). Stir it around, and place one yard of yarn in the mixture. Wrap the wet yarn around the balloons and let them dry. Pop the balloons and pull out the remains, then glue on a few spiders. Now you’re ready to hang them wherever you need a little Halloween pizazz.
  3.     Hanging Bats: Kids will love this one. Take some old egg cartons and cut them in strips of 3. Paint the cut cartons black and let them dry. Then, flip them upside down so that the open portion is towards the ground. Have the kids glue some googly eyes to the middle of the carton. Now they are ready to hang!

Between the candy, costumes, and activities, there is little left over for expensive decorations. Don’t waste tons of cash, when you can make some custom decorations to give your home the spooky feel. Plus, it’s much more fun when you get the whole family to pitch in!


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