Energy Efficiency in Your Apartment

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Whether you live by yourself or you have roommates to split the bill with, it’s always a good idea to keep your energy usage as low as possible. Not only will a low energy output help to keep your bills low each month, but being efficient will also help to have a positive impact on the environment and those in your neighborhood.

Energy efficiency has come a long way in the last decade or so. As a strong push has been put towards going green and being energy efficient, there are more and more resources available to help homeowners limit the energy they use in their apartments each month. Here is a look at some of those resources, as well as a few other tips to help you maximize energy efficiency in your apartment.

energy-efficiencyReplace Your Bulbs

One of the first things that you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your apartment is to replace your old light bulbs and replace them with CFLs. Compact fluorescent lights are not only brighter and more convenient for your apartment, but they also use much less energy each month as well. In addition, CFLs will last longer than your traditional halogen light bulb, which will decrease waste that you go through each year. Changing your lights is an easy fix and something that you can do on your own today.

Upgrade Your Appliances

It might be a bit more of an investment, but upgrading your appliances will typically be worth it in the long run. By upgrading to more energy efficient appliances, you’ll be able to improve a variety of different areas in your home. For example, an energy efficient dishwasher can read how much is in it, and then use the appropriate amount of water for that load. Smart refrigerators can change temperatures based on the food that is inside and the temperature outside, and even smart windows can help to keep your home more comfortable inside. There are a plethora of different appliances that you can upgrade your apartment to. And while this might be a bit more of an investment, it’s one that can certainly be worth it in the long run when it comes to being as energy efficient as possible in your apartment.

Insulate Your Home

In many cases, you may not even need to open your wallet in order to improve the energy efficiency of your apartment. The truth is that many people fail to properly insulate their homes, or they’ll leave windows or doors open for extended periods of time. This means that your apartment won’t be able to keep cool air inside during the summer, or warm air during the winter. These changes in temperatures can have a big impact on your home’s ability to properly cool and heat itself, which can then cost a lot of money on your utility bill at the end of the month.

As you go about looking to make your apartment more energy efficient, there is plenty that you can do. There are changes you can make, things you can add, and habits you can instill. With these changes, you’ll notice great benefits for your apartment’s energy output each month.


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