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Sometimes, the best things in life are free. Especially when it comes to technology. Not every great app out there needs to come with a price tag. Odds are, you’ll have to put up with a few ads. If you can handle seeing some pop ups occasionally, then these are some hot apps that you can use throughout your daily life. Here are some of the best free apps out there!

  1. free-apps-worth-checking-outSip: Do you love color and organizing? Then this is the app for you. You can color code anything electronic in your life. From snapshots, to files, and everything in between. It can help you keep track of all the things that go together for a specific event or project that you are working on. It makes sharing things with others a breeze, because you immediately recognize what they need and what they don’t. Plus, it looks nice.
  2. Habitica: Do you need extra motivation to complete tasks? This app uses games to keep you on task and finish everything on your To-Do list. You create an avatar and go through to slay dragons and climb towers every time you finish a task that you want to make a habit. Cleaned the dishes? More points. It keeps things interesting while you go about your daily life.
  3. MEGA Privacy: Everything nowadays is stored on cloud servers. Your photos, documents, videos… everything. MEGA Privacy offers an encrypted cloud storage service that adds an extra layer of protection over your information. We are all too familiar with identity fraud and constant issues with hacked information. You can rest easier knowing that your information is more difficult to for criminals to access with this encryption. There are in-app purchase options for more storage space.
  4. Super Cat Tales 2: It looks like the old school Mario characters, but with cute kitties. Go an adventure with your cats through mazes and fighting obstacles. One cat is good at climbing, while the other is super strong. Keep track, and rotate your cats often to move through the different levels. It’s interesting for ages about 6, and it’ll bring back warm feelings of previous Nintendo 64 games.
  5. Dosh: Dosh is a cash back app that connects to your cards to do the work for you. No more cutting coupons or scanning receipts! You do have to allow the app to have access to your bank account and credit cards. Any time you purchase something that merits cash back, it’ll be automatically put into your account.
  6. Wattpad: This is a great app for aspiring authors and artists. You can find free books and stories. You can contribute a short story, or you can simply read what’s out there. You’ll gain interest and readership from other like-minded people who are looking for the next up and coming author. You can find everything there from prose, poetry, short stories, and long novels.

If you’re looking for an app, odds are that there is a free version. There are times when it’s worth it to pay for the app, but it’s not always necessary. Save a few bucks where you can with these great free apps!

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