How To Find A Roommate When You’re In Need Of One

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It’s common to find yourself in the position of needing a roommate. Maybe you’re ready to move out from Mom and Dad’s, or perhaps you’d like to save money by splitting rent on a place. Whatever your reasons, we can all agree that the process of finding a roommate can oftentimes be one of the hardest parts of moving. If you’re struggling to find a roommate, here are some things you can consider to make that process a little easier.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Roomates-Hanging-Out“It’s not what you know, but who you know.” We’ve all heard that advice while on the job hunt. But in all honesty, that adage applies to many facets of life. When you’re in need of help, your network of personal and professional connections can be a useful tool. In this case, you might be surprised to find that a cousin you don’t speak to often is looking for a person to rent out his spare room, or perhaps your college friend knows a guy who is looking for a roommate. Ask around in person, but better yet, post on social media that you’re looking for a roommate. You might even get multiple offers!

Check Craigslist and Other Online Resources

People are wary of Craigslist, seeing it as a shady avenue for under-the-table deals and scams. We’ve all heard the Craigslist horror stories. But if used correctly, and with a bit of scrutiny and common sense, Craigslist can be an adequate tool for finding a like-minded individual to share a home with. When creating your ad, be clear on your expectations when it comes to cohabitation and finances. Once you’ve had a few offers, meet up for coffee with the respondees to get a feel for them in person. Who knows – you might not just find a good roommate, but a good friend as well. If you decide to go online to find your roommate, be sure to look for other location-specific resources you might be able to use. For example, might have a discussion board for your city where you can advertise for a roommate.

Check With Your Apartment complex or Landlord

If you’re renting and looking for a roommate, it’s always worth checking with the apartment complex or landlord you’re renting through or plan to rent through. They’ll appreciate your being up-front with them and they might even have something in place to help tenants find roommates. Some apartment complexes have roommate-pairing systems or even bulletin boards in their offices to help tenants find and advertise for roommates.

Finding a roommate can be a time-consuming and stressful process. After all, you’re not only going to be living with this person; you’ll most likely also be entering a financial agreement with him or her as well. Remember to keep a level head and not settle until you’ve found an acceptable match, a person you get along with who is reliable and trustworthy.

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