How To Hide Cords From Electronics, Lamps, Etc.

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Along with the wonders of modern technology comes a mess of cords. If you own many devices, you know the trade off you make when it comes to keeping a tidy home. While electronics manufacturers are making strides in wireless technology, we’re still waiting on that perfect, cordless future. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to easily hide away those unsightly wires.

Round Up the Slack

One of the quickest, no-fuss ways to deal with a chaotic cord problem is to wind up all the unused cord. If, for example, you have a lamp with a 20-foot cord that’s plugged into an outlet 10 feet away, that’s an extra 10 feet of cord that’s likely tangled up and taking up unnecessary space. Simply unplug the cord from the outlet, loop the extra slack around your arm, and zip-tie or twist-tie the loop in place. While you’ll still be stuck with this loop of unneeded cord, it’ll look a lot better than if it did before. Plus, you’ll have an easier time stashing this coil away if you have the space.

Keep Them Hidden Under a Rug

A cord that runs across the floor is not only a style faux pas, but also a tripping hazard. Eliminate both of these issues by making use of a well-placed rug. While the covered cable will still leave a bit of a bump in the rug, it’ll look a lot better than it did before and it’ll for sure lead to less falls. What better excuse do you have for splurging on something that’ll add a little flair to your room? Bonus points if you can color and pattern coordinate with the surrounding decor.

Zip Tie the Cords To Desk Legs

The TV area and the computer desk are two common problem areas when it comes to cable management. When you have devices that need several cords to operate, you quickly run into tangled messes. Alleviate this problem by zip-tying together these cords, and if your devices rest on a desk or entertainment stand, zip-tie the cords to the legs. At best, your wires will now be out of view, and at worst, they’ll at least flow with the shape of the furniture.

Use Wire Management Products

Rather than rely on home remedies, you could just dip into your pocketbook and buy a product that’s made to take care of those pesky cords. By taking a trip to your local electronics store, you’ll be sure to find specialized cable ties and sleeves that keep cords together and keep them enclosed in a way that’s easier on the eyes. And if you have several cords running along the floor, you could make an investment into cord covers or raceways, which run alongside your walls, effectively hiding your cords. While you’ll spend more money than doing it yourself, these products will look more professional.

While you should do your best to keep cords hidden from view, be careful when keeping the devices themselves out of sight. For instance, keeping an internet router stashed away in a drawer might look loads better, but doing so will prevent the device from properly ventilating, leading to overheating and possibly a fire hazard. Think tidy, but more importantly, think safe!

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