What’s Happening At Dorney Park This Year

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With summertime quickly approaching, you’re probably daydreaming of nice weather and fun outdoor activities. That sounds nice and all, but doesn’t it sound a little… dull? With warmer weather also comes the reopening of one of our favorite Lehigh Valley attractions: Dorney Park! With all that’s going on this summer at Dorney Park, it’ll be worth at least one weekend trip.

Test Your Fear of Heights on the Roller Coasters

Dorney Park is home to so many different activities, it can be tough to choose what to do first. If that’s the case, go for what Dorney Park is best known for: the breathtaking roller coasters. For the strong of heart, test your bravery on the 205-foot drop of Steel Force and the upside-down twists of Hydra.

Go Off the Track With Thrill Rides

Roller-CoasterIf the twists, turns, and huge drops of Dorney Park’s notorious roller coasters weren’t enough to get your heart pounding, you’re free to try some of the park’s other thrilling rides. There’s Demon Drop, which is exactly what its name sounds like: an elevator-style ride that plunges 10 stories in two seconds. If you’re not worried about getting dizzy, there’s also Revolution, a revolving swing that spins you more than 60 feet up in the air. Other rides, such as the Thunder Creek Mountain flume ride, are water-based, if you and your group don’t mind getting a little wet!

Wildwater Kingdom

With the heat of the summer, maybe a day of roller coasters and thrill rides doesn’t sound the ideal summertime activity. Dorney Park has you covered, as your park pass not only covers the park, but also Wildwater Kingdom, a full-fledged water park. From the big drops of the Python Plummet and the winding chutes of Constrictor, to the relaxing waves of Wildwater River and the wave pool, there’s truly something for everyone. For the family that wants to relax in style, Wildwater Kingdom also has cabana rentals.

Family Rides

Bringing kids to Dorney Park won’t limit the fun you and your group can have. While the park is best known for its thrilling attractions, there’s also a nice selection of family-friendly rides, including a Tilt-a-Whirl, ferris wheel, and carousel. Those rides rank fairly low on the thrilling side, so if your little ones are feeling adventurous, take a trip on the Apollo, a ride that sees you take control of a flying spaceship that lifts and drops.

Planet Snoopy

The family attractions don’t end at those rides! Planet Snoopy, a section of Dorney Park, is also filled with a ton of additional great rides and activities just for kids. Along with the small thrills of the Flying Ace Balloon Race and the Linus Launcher, there are also a miniature tower ride and moon bounce that the children will love. But then again, who doesn’t love the Peanuts?

Whether you’re an experienced thrill seeker or you’re looking for a fun, but not too hair-raising, weekend with your family, Dorney Park really does have something for everyone. Good luck hitting all the attractions in one day, though – for that, you might need a season pass!

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