Tips and Tricks to Organize Any Closet

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When you look at your closet, what do you see? Is it a stressful nightmare that haunts you? Sometimes a task can seem too overwhelming to start. Look at the project in pieces rather than the entire job. Begin small, and add to your organization over time if it’s a daunting task for you. Take one of these tips at a time to start chipping away at your closet.

  1. organizing closetMatching Thin Hangers: One of the key components to an organized closet is uniformity. When you have mismatching hangers, it quickly throws everything off. At the same time, you don’t want to take up extra space with large wooden hangers. Maximize your closet space by buying matching thin hangers in bulk. The felt, cling hangers are excellent for everything from spaghetti strap dresses to sweaters.
  2. Hang Strategically: Hang according to clothing length. Keep all of your shorter items in one area, and longer hanging items grouped together. Have blouses and short skirts on one side, and dresses and pants on the other. If you want to go the extra mile, you can organize them by color or functionality.
  3. Shoe Organizers: No one wants to see a pile of shoes at the bottom of a closet. Plus, it’s difficult to quickly find it’s pair. Have a shoe rack that fits nicely underneath all of the clothing. Keep your shoes stacked on top of each other in order. Have the shoes that you use the most frequently in an easy to access area.
  4. Heavy Things Low: The heavier the item, the lower it should be stored. Keep large heavy things close to the ground to prevent injury from it falling. It should still have a designated space on a shelf. If it will fit in a container, do so.
  5. Small Things Middle: Smaller, delicate things should go at eye level. You need to be able to see the smaller things to keep track of them. Keep them in smaller container drawers so that they don’t get misplaced.
  6. Seasonal Things High: The items that you rotate in and out with the weather should be stored up and out of the way. Use extra shelving and boxes to neatly tuck everything you don’t need out of the way. Keep all of your seasonal belonging up to until it’s time to shift your wardrobe.
  7. Add Shelving/Containers: Buy matching containers and shelving to store all of your items. A single rack in the closet isn’t going to sufficiently organize all of your belongings. Buy racks, baskets, containers, and shelving to add extra layers of storage.

Once you have one closet under control, move on to the next. Keep adding more storage areas for yourself, and organize all of your belongings. As you go through your things, donate the items that you no longer want. You’ll find that you have more space in your living areas, and you can easily access everything you need. After you’ve cleaned up your closet, tidy up daily to keep things looking beautiful.

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