Upcoming Apple Products: What To Expect

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Upcoming Apple Products: What To Expect

Apple’s annual churn of new products keeps its avid customers looking for the next big thing.  Each year, each season, consumers are looking for Apple to bring back the magic they once had when the first iPod, iPhone or iMac was released.

What can we expect? Let’s go through our favorite products.

iPhone 8

Each Fall, Apple kicks off another reveal from what they call their “Best iPhone yet”, and each year their improvements keep Apple’s customers upgrading their old phones.  Afterall, Apple’s iPhone makes up 83% of phone sales worldwide.  Here’s some features we can expect in the new iPhone:

Vivid Picture – With the uprise of OLED, which boasts more color, deeper blacks and overall low power consumption, the introduction of OLED on phones will allow Apple to keep their existing retina standard, but upped a notch.

Edge-to-Edge Display – Competing with Samsung and LG, Apple is long due for edge-to-edge display, or even possibly a beveled edge that uses the trim to show images and light for notifications.

Augmented Reality As part of every phone release, the software drives the phone.  With Apple’s next iPhone, we can excpect app developers to increase the use of virtual reality in their apps by increasing the usability of the interface.

Moving the Home Button – There’s reports that the home button may be getting moved to the back of the phone.  As seen on other devices, this is much easier to “pinch” the phone from the front and back rather than use your palm and one finger.  This change could confuse some, but eventually work out for the best.


The tablet that changed it all will soon get some similar upgrades to the iPhone and will make life on a tablet much more enjoyable.

Multitasking– There will be improved multi tasking on the next iPad that will allow users to do more than one thing at once. Previously you could only have one app open at a time, but the next iPad will give you the ability to have multiple apps on the screen at once and use them both at the same time.

App Dock– The apps that are your “favorites” that remain on the bottom bar of your home screen will soon get a new look. There will be more slots to put more apps in so you can have quicker access to the things you use the most. There will also be a few apps that you have recently opened in this dock.

App Store– The app store will be getting a new look and some new features for the next iPad and IOS release. Apple is placing a focus on quality apps rather than just quantity. Search results and recommended apps will be more targeted so you see more relevant apps when you search.

Control Center– The control center used to do things like make some quick setting changes, adjust music, use a flashing light, and other basic functions will be completely customizable. You will be able to swap out some things you may not use and replace them with things that would be more useful to you.


The Macbook is going to get more of an overhaul than most of the other products on our list. There are even rumors that Apple could have an entirely different computer in the works. This computer is said to be a more powerful machine that is not meant for things like battery life and portability. Instead the computer would focus on performance and allow users to do more than ever before on a Mac computer.

Apple TV

Apple TV is probably making the smallest changes this year. There isn’t much to change as Apple’s streaming device is the market leader in a lot of ways.

4k Streaming The next Apple TV will have the ability to stream 4k videos (assuming the TV does as well). This is said to be the highest quality picture ever created, so Apple thought it was important to make the improvement.

More Apps This is not necessarily unique to the new Apple TV coming out, but rather just Apple TV in general. Apple is always releasing new apps that you can pair with their streaming device and this trend will only continue.

Apple is the world leader in technology largely due to their continuous improvements to their products. They listen to the feedback from their customers and take it into account when making improvements. This is an important part of the Apple formula to keep their customers happy and loyal.

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