Why You Should Travel Solo

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“It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” – Asian Proverb

How do you feel about travel? Are you a fan of planes, trains, and automobiles and heading out on new adventures? Traveling to new places is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It opens your mind up to new destinations, cultures, people, and much more.

Often, people want to travel with others. There’s a sense of security when you visit a new destination with friends or family. But if you haven’t traveled by yourself, you definitely need to consider it. There are lots of advantages when you travel solo!

  • Go Where You Want: If you’ve ever tried to plan a vacation with someone else – or a group of other people – you know that it can be extremely difficult. Coming to a consensus – even on something as basic as where to go – is tough. When you’re flying solo, you can choose your perfect destination. Beach, mountains, exotic locale – the choice is all yours.
  • Do What You Want: Going right along with going where you want is the ability to do what you want. Some people go on vacation to simply relax. They’re happy to sit by the pool or on the beach and read a book. Others want to go out and be active – hiking, kayaking, sightseeing. No matter what you like to do when on a trip if you’re solo you get to choose. 
  • Build Your Confidence: When you travel solo, you need to be confident. Booking flights, a car, excursions, etc. are all on you when you’re vacationing alone. If you want to participate in an activity or get someplace new – it’s up to you to get it done – and that takes confidence. 
  • Make New Friends: One of the greatest things about heading someplace new is meeting new people. But there is a tendency when you’re traveling with others to stay with your travel partner or group. Take advantage of making new friends when your traveling by yourself. You might meet new companions who share your interests or just strike up an interesting conversation with someone who knows about your destination.
  • Control of Your Finances: Finances can be a touchy subject – especially when you’re traveling with others. Do you want to stay in a 4-star hotel or a hostel? Will you be dining at inexpensive establishments or white-tablecloth restaurants? Will you be booking multiple excursions or looking for low-cost ways to explore the area? When you’re solo – no worries! You control your money.
  • Ability to Change Your Mind: Guess what? When you are traveling alone, you get to change your mind. You control your schedule, and you decide what you are going to do each day. You have no need to ask others for their opinions or come to a group consensus. If you’re not feeling like the beach today – head out hiking and have fun!
  • Learn About Yourself: If you want to learn about yourself, take a vacation solo. You’ll see how you react in new and unfamiliar situations and surroundings. 
  • Time to Think: Life can be busy, leaving you very little time to contemplate big and small decisions. A solo vacation is an ideal time to take some time to reflect. Whether you have life-changing events coming up or just smaller decisions that need to be made, vacationing by yourself will give you the opportunity to think.

If you haven’t taken a solo vacation, definitely consider it. You can always start small with a long weekend away and build up to some more extended vacations in exotic locales. You may find that this becomes your preferred way of vacationing. 

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